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Managing VMware vSphere Templates as Packer Images

By Platform9

For any cloud administrator, one of the essential starting points for managing their cloud deployment is to ensure there is a consistent set of base images from which appropriate instances… Read More

OpenStack Flavors With Zero Disk Size

By Madhura Maskasky

This tutorial describes how zero disk-size option for OpenStack flavors works. When a virtual machine is deployed using an image by applying a flavor to it, OpenStack will try to deploy… Read More

Tutorial: Manage Images with the OpenStack Glance Client

By Platform9

This tutorial provides basic recipes for manipulating images using OpenStack glance. Requirements You will first need to install the OpenStack Glance Client on one of your systems. Follow the Tutorial on… Read More

Configure NFS Shared Storage for OpenStack Glance Image Catalog or VM Storage

By Platform9

This article describes steps to configure NFS shared storage to get it working with your Platform9 OpenStack private cloud. By default, Platform9 assumes certain locations on your Linux server for… Read More

Supported Image Types and File Formats

By Platform9

When you add an image to the OpenStack Glance image service, you can specify its disk and container format. You can find more info on supported disk and container formats… Read More

Handling OpenStack Cloud Images in Platform9

By Platform9

OpenStack Image Management One of the most fundamental functions of an any cloud platform is the management of virtual machine images. In OpenStack, this functionality is mostly taken care of… Read More

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