Save up to 50% on virtualization costs

Platform9 Managed KubeVirt reduces your licensing, infrastructure, and ops costs versus  VMware. We help you migrate your legacy VMs from zero to production in a few weeks.

Personalized TCO evaluation from our experts
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Trusted by leading companies

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Modernize with maximum cost savings*

Migrate from legacy VMware to a modern platform powered by KubeVirt and SaaS management


Reduced total cost of ownership


Reduced Full Time Staff


Less number of servers

*Sample cost savings based on 100 hypervisors
A cost savings diagram showing that Platform9 consistently delivers an up to 50% cost savings compared to a legacy vendor
Customized for your infrastructure

Six reasons
Why modernizing your VM stack is so hard

With Platform9’s managed KubeVirt, customers have successfully overcome these barriers to modernization.

Icon: Lack of skills

Lack of skills, time and budget to modernize existing infrastructure

Icon: Refactoring VMs

Refactoring VMs to containers is risky, time-consuming, and expensive

Icon: Cost of Legacy VMs

Cost of legacy VM licensing and support continue to increase

Icon: Migrating VMs

Switching to a new platform and migration is risky and takes too long

Icon: Operational overhead

Existing technical debt obstructs initiatives for modernization

Icon: Lack of clarity

Lack of clarity on business case and ROI to modernize

Platform9 is with you every step of your modernization journey

Get into production in less than 6 weeks.

2 Day turnaround

Gather inputs to generate your initial TCO analysis report, review with the Platform9 team on a follow-on call

TCO & Architecture Workshop

1 day onsite and 1 week turnaround to provide an in-depth report and recommended platform architecture


Onsite or virtual. Sample workload migration and use case validation, followed by an executive review

Production Roll Out

Scale out environment(s) and begin migrating workloads identified during workshop

Up to 50% Savings over VMware!

Accelerated savings on an open, unified platform for legacy VMs, tl-containers & bare-metal

Popular choices are a trap

They don’t reduce costs nor help modernize

Icon: Provider selection

Staying with current legacy virtualization provider

Increase in license fees without the benefits of cloud native modernization.

Icon: Switching

Switching to a different legacy virtualization provider

No modernization advantage and need to re-platform in the future

Icon: Migrating VMs

Migrating virtual machines to the public cloud

Astronomical OpEx. Also, not an option for compliance or security reasons.

Embrace the advantages of modern virtualization platform beyond cost savings

Icon: Lock in

Avoid vendor lock-in

Icon: Hardware investment

Benefit from existing hardware investments

Icon: Augment

Leverage and augment current skills

Icon: Deploy Anywhere

Future-proof your workloads

Icon: Reduced Operational Costs

Reduce licensing costs

Icon: Infrastructure

Infrastructure that fits your needs

Icon: Migration

Migration tooling and expertise

Icon: VM and Cloud Native

VM and container operations friendly

See the product in action

Our modern user interface and familiar terminology improves productivity and minimizes training time.

Moving beyond VMware: Create agility, save costs, and future-proof your transition

Case Study

Full range of enterprise capabilities out of the box

  • Centralized management of VMs and containers in cloud, on-prem or edge with just one intuitive and clean UI
  • Cut operational expenses via automated lifecycle management, monitoring, and alerting
  • The intuitive interface and RBAC facilitate easy developer self-service for instant VM and container deployment
  • Platform9’s remote monitoring of the management plane, including KubeVirt services, ensures assured 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Rigorous testing confirms the platform’s ability to run at multiple locations with hundreds of nodes and quickly scale to business demand
  • Customizable solutions with self-managed or fully managed options, backed by our Always-on Assurance™

A unified platform built to reduce costs and streamline operations

Platform9 is built on open foundations and incorporates and updates services to simplify management on your infrastructure of choice.

Platform9’s unified management platform

Management services

Self-service UI, multi-cluster and site management, APIs, governance policy engine, & GitOps automation

Other infrastructure services

Monitoring, Logging, Ingress, Networking, Load balancer

metalLB Calico fluentd Prometheus NGINX Logo

Virtualization service

kubevirt Logo

Container as a service


Bare metal as a service

Bare Metal

Your infrastructure

AWS Your Own Infrastructure Google Cloud Your Own Infrastructure

Get expert insight on VM migration and TCO savings

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