Democratizing Cloud Computing

Every enterprise needs to become cloud-native to thrive and grow. That journey is fraught with complexity, and enterprises struggle with public clouds that are walled gardens and DIY efforts that are time-consuming and complex.

Our vision is to democratize cloud computing with an open, distributed cloud architecture.

Our Founding Story

Bich, Madhura, Roopak and Sirish met and worked together on several pioneering virtualization products, from the early 2000s. By 2013, they were inspired by the agility that developers gained by using public clouds; but challenged the assumption that this agility could only be achieved by limiting enterprises to a walled garden.

As they explored ways to deliver a more open cloud experience, they studied emerging open-source work in the infrastructure space, including Apache CloudStack, OpenStack, the lxc project and Kubernetes.

Their hypothesis was that open-source ecosystems would grow to offer a broad range of offerings, but that enterprises needed a simpler and easier way to operationalize them.

That led to the creation of Platform9 to democratize cloud computing, built on three principles:

  • SaaS control plane: the control plane makes it delightfully easy to build & operate clouds, without requiring time-consuming, expensive professional services
  • Managed open-source: the service endpoints offered by Platform9 would all be 100% open-source, without any proprietary lock-in; but they would be easy to use since they are “fully managed” by the SaaS control plane
  • Distributed infrastructure: customers should be able to use any choice of public, private or edge infrastructure

Our People

We are a diverse, global team, united in our passion to make open, distributed cloud computing ubiquitous.

We take pride in setting our customers up for success. We love what we do and are excited about the impact we have on our customers’ challenges.

We are an open minded, accommodating, thoughtful and fun loving team.

We are in this for the long haul. Building a global, distributed cloud service is an ambitious goal. We are committed to investing whatever it takes to make this dream a reality.

Our Values

These values represent who we are, at our best. We seek to live up to these values every day. We focus on doing what’s right for our customers and employees.

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We never lose track of our mission: building a better way to go cloud-native
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Customer Obsession

We obsess over every aspect of the customer experience
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Ownership with OKRs

We expect our people to own and behave like owners
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Radical Candor

We believe that knowledge is key to empowerment. We are not afraid to share feedback
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Excellence in What We Do

We get things done with higher quality, in faster time, with greater impact, than our competition

Open Source Is at the Heart of What We Do

Platform9 was founded to bring Open Source technologies in an easy consumable service to the market. Open Source offers flexibility, extensibility and avoids lock-in.

Over the years we have proudly contributed to many open source projects and have been a part of Cloud Native Computing Foundation, OpenInfra foundation, Magma Core and LF Edge.

Platform9’s Distributed Cloud Service offers and leverages a variety of Open Source services in the cloud native ecosystem.


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