Platform9 was founded in 2013 with a clear mission:
to make private clouds easy, for any enterprise at any scale.

Our founders – all early VMware engineers – recognized the complexity and costs confronting enterprise IT teams needing AWS-like clouds within their own data centers. Leveraging decades of experience with virtualization, they founded an OpenStack company to introduce the industry’s first “private-cloud-as-a-service” to overcome these barriers.

As private cloud company, Platform9’s award-winning private cloud solution is simple, open, and enterprise ready. It’s based on OpenStack and runs on any hardware and any platform – VMware, KVM, and Kubernetes – to provide global visibility and control, self-service provisioning, API-driven automation and many other benefits of a true private cloud.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the story behind Platform9?

Our founding team helped build out the virtualization phenomenon, but almost every major customer we worked with was struggling with managing their virtualized infrastructure. In a world where private clouds have to compete with public clouds on efficiency and agility, we think that existing solutions don’t measure up.

We chose the name Platform9 for our company because once you realize that the management plane for private clouds can be decoupled from the physical server infrastructure, it opens up the possibility for a dramatically better user experience. A lot like Platform 9 3/4 in Harry Potter.

How does Platform9 leverage OpenStack?

Platform9 is based on the OpenStack framework, with our own contributions to help make it easy to adopt and use in an enterprise context.

  • Platform9 delivers the core of OpenStack, including keystone, nova and glance, as a cloud service.
  • Being based on OpenStack, Platform9 is fully API compatible and our own contributions are made available via OpenStack API extensions.

What are the major differences between Platform9 and other OpenStack company solutions?

We’ve outlined some of our differentiating features in Why Platform9?

How does one get started with Platform9?

It’s easy and only takes minutes. Please sign up for your account and follow the process outlined here.

What about security? Does Platform9 call into my network?

Platform9 is designed to be the best private cloud experience possible and security is a big part of that. Platform9 never calls into your network and only works with metadata that is received via secured outbound communication. We’d love to share more, please contact us for our security white paper.

What APIs does Platform9 expose?

Platform9 exposes all functionality via OpenStack APIs. For more details, please visit

Is my data shared with other customers?

No. Customers get dedicated accounts that are strictly partitioned, no data is shared amongst these accounts.

How does Platform9 upgrade users to the latest OpenStack Release?

We are currently on OpenStack Newton. Upgrading to the latest release of OpenStack is seamless with Platform9’s zero-touch upgrade process and happens without any interruptions to your operations.

How 'pure' is Platform9's OpenStack?

We measure ourselves by focus on customer use cases, rather than OpenStack purity. For instance, we’ve modified OpenStack to make it integrate seamlessly with existing environments, because our customers find that useful. Having said that, we are fully API compatible and periodically update to the latest OpenStack release.

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