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Platform9 is the only container management and orchestration platform that supports the complete lifecycle of the cloud-native journey on any infrastructure. Go cloud-native 4x faster, lower the cost of operations by 70%, maintain 99.95% uptime with Always-on Assurance(TM), and scale with confidence.
  • Build highly-available Kubernetes clusters in minutes; Complete with CNI, CoreDNS, Monitoring, MetalLB, and more built-in and supported by Platform9.  DevOps teams can easily control RBAC policies and maintain governance at all times.
  • Operate with Always-on Assurance(TM): Get fully automated infrastructure operations from monitoring, logging, auto-healing, auto-help-desk-ticket generation to upgrades, security patching, proactive resolution, and SLA management. 
  • Scale clusters and applications across distributed locations: On-premises, public cloud IaaS, or the edge. Assure continuous governance, consistency, and reconciliation with our GitOps policy management and continuous app deployment with ArgoCD.
You are not alone. Our cloud-native experts act on alerts from our 24/7 remote monitoring systems, troubleshoot issues in real time, and ensure smooth upgrades. Enjoy the peace of mind of a highly available Kubernetes environment without the headache of managing it. Focus instead on enabling high-velocity continuous delivery of your cloud-native applications.
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Platform9 awarded six G2 awards for container orchestration

We are grateful for our users’ continued support, which has resulted in us receiving 4.8/5 stars and winning these six G2 awards.

G2 High Performer award Fall 2022
G2 Award Best Support Fall 2022
G2 Award Fastest Implementation Fall 2022
G2 Award Easiest to Use Fall 2022
G2 Award Easiest Setup Fall 2022
G2 Award Easiest to Do Business With Fall 2022

“Taking a maintenance window on our nonstop Kubernetes SaaS offering is a nightmare. Nobody likes maintenance windows. With Platform9’s Kubernetes “rolling upgrades,” there are no disruptions, no downtime, and no maintenance windows anymore.”

Ravi Ravichandran

VP Engineering, Cloud Platform, and DevOps, Juniper Networks

“Our new application roll-out time has decreased from several days or weeks to minutes or hours. Redfin developers can now experiment with existing applications and create new microservices blazingly fast.”

Anna Bates

Engineering Manager, Redfin

“I’ve tried several Kubernetes as a Service like AWS Elastic Kubernetes Services or Google Kubernetes Engine. They are good but lock you in their cloud. With Platform9 you forget all the hassle to install and maintain your different K8s clusters. Platform9 allows you to easily install a fully functional, production-grade, and on-premises cluster from scratch in less than 15 minutes.”

Joao M.

Cloud DevOps Engineer at SkipTheDishes

“Superb managed Kubernetes platform. It takes the guesswork out of building and managing a k8s platform. Upgrades are seamless!”

 Tony Sciortino

Director of Product IT, Precisely

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