Build Bare Metal Clouds Anywhere Instantly

Unleash the full potential of your bare metal infrastructure in data centers, co-locations, and edge sites, using Kubernetes

Platform9 brings cloud agility to your bare metal infrastructure.

Using a unique SaaS delivery model, Platform9 automates and offloads all of your manual bare metal life-cycle management tasks. This enables users to unleash the full performance of their hosts — no matter where they are located — as an elastic and flexible bare metal cloud, where they can rapidly deploy and redeploy any workload at moment’s notice

Bare Metal limitations could slow down your cloud initiatives

It takes weeks to deploy

Not easy to change what servers do based on business needs

Unused Capacity

Physical servers sit idle waiting for the next ‘perfect workload’

Unnecessary License Spend

Workloads consume entire hypervisor hosts

There’s a better way

Before Platform9

Traditional Bare Metal Approach

  1. Unpack and Rack
  2. Build
  3. Validate OS
  4. Deploy Applications
  5. Debug Deployments
  6. Repeat steps #2 to #5 for every server

Wasted resources, missed timeline

Days and weeks

After Platform9

Bare Metal Cloud Approach

  1. Unpack, Rack, and Connect to Platform9
  2. Build hundreds of servers. Re-deploy & re-configure OS and applications with one click

High efficiency, repeatable, reliable, automation, faster customer response times


How does it work?

100% Remote, 100% Managed. Platform9 creates and manages your Bare Metal cloud using two key components:

SaaS Management Plane

Your cloud interface, hosted by us:

  • Provides access to your physical resources with the same simplicity of a public cloud.
  • Allows you to centrally deploy, manage, and troubleshoot your bare metal deployments in any location

Bare Metal Controller

This component

  • Operates on your IPMI (or management) network
  • Detects your servers
  • Builds your bare metal cloud
  • Deploys a variety of stacks ranging from Kubernetes clusters, virtualization stacks, Operating Systems, or applications of your choice

Make Bare Metal Your Advantage

100% High Performance
Let your applications run at maximum performance all the time. No Contention Ever
Build private clouds for Virtual Machines with zero effort
Build a 100+ node cloud in minutes. Upgrade OS with ease
Run Kubernetes on Bare Metal
Orchestrate bare metal to build Kubernetes on Infrastructure as code. Self-healing, seamless movement of nodes between clusters & effortless scaling
Edge Runs on Metal
Gain complete control of Edge deployments, build, patch, upgrade, monitor and rebuild. 100% remote, 100% Managed

Use Cases

High Performance Computing

Build out a high performance on-premise bare metal cloud with very little effort. Automate deployment of performance-sensitive workloads directly on physical servers, such as:

  • Databases
  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • AI/ML

Retail Edge

Fully automate remote deployment of thousands of retail stores end to end using our remote Bare Metal capability combined with our Virtualization and/or Kubernetes offerings. Deploy and manage any or all of below using automation:

  • Operating System
  • Network configuration
  • Virtualization / Kubernetes
  • Containerized Applications for POS and other use cases

Telco / 5G Edge

Fully automate deployment of vRAN or packet core software at tens of thousands of cell tower / remote telco edge locations, using our remote Bare Metal capability combined with our virtualization and/or Kubernetes offerings. Automate deployment and management of:

  • Operating System
  • Telco networking stack
  • Kubernetes / Virtualization 
  • Containerized Applications

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Building Private & Edge Clouds

Schedule a 30 minute call and see how Platform9 can help you

Platform9’s Managed Kubernetes offering is designed to help you run Kubernetes at scale without the manual burden of upgrades, patching, monitoring & other Day 2 activities. Our SaaS Management Plane is the brain at the center of our Managed Kubernetes platform. It remotely monitors, optimizes, and heals your clusters and underlying infrastructure

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