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Deploy and operate OpenStack Hybrid Cloud with a 100% SaaS based service

How it works


The power and flexibility of your own OpenStack cloud, delivered as a service

Platform9’s SaaS platform lets you go live with your OpenStack private cloud within minutes using our deployment tools. With a few simple clicks, your Platform9 dashboard starts offering visibility into your infrastructure across compute, storage, network, and existing workloads — and your OpenStack cloud is live.

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5 Steps to OpenStack in Minutes:

Step 1: Sign up and download host agent

Once you sign up, you get your own, dedicated OpenStack control plane. The control plane runs production-tuned OpenStack services based on OpenStack Liberty.

Next, you download the Platform9 host agent (available as a rpm/deb or vSphere virtual appliance) and install onto your server infrastructure. The agent connects to your OpenStack controller via HTTPS.

Step 2: Authorize servers

Authorizing servers is simple. Just select what roles these servers should be assigned:

Hypervisor: Can run virtual machine instances (Nova Compute)
Image Library: Can serve VM images to hypervisors (Glance)
Storage Endpoint: Can interface with block storage (Cinder)
Network Endpoint: Can interface with networks (Nova or Neutron)

Step 3: Import images, customize flavors

The Image Library can automatically discover your existing VM disk images from its storage backing. Or, you can import pre-configured images that are maintained by Platform9.

Now, review the VM flavors that are available out-of-the-box, and customize them to your environment. You can also use host aggregates to define tiers of resources using tags, and map them to specific flavors.

Step 4: Add users, go live!

The final step is to bring on self-service users and define tenant groups. Users can be assigned roles within each tenant. You can also control which tenants have access to which VM images, flavors and networks.

That’s it! You are now live in production with OpenStack, with Platform9 taking care of all ongoing maintenance and operations from here on.

Step 5: Get started now!

Contact us to see for yourself how easy it can be to stand up and run an OpenStack private cloud in your data center.

No Infrastructure Hassle

Easy setup is only half the story. Platform9 takes care of the entire OpenStack lifecycle— 24/7 health monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting and upgrades —so you don’t have to.

Health Watch: Built-in Monitoring for OpenStack
Our internal telemetry monitors the health of all OpenStack software (control plane and data plane), so you don’t have to.

Enterprise support and SLAs

Platform9 takes care of troubleshooting issues for you when they arise, with unmatched resolution SLAs for private clouds.

Zero-Touch Upgrades
We do all the hard work of backing up your OpenStack controllers, rolling out the upgrade, validating it and committing the transaction.


Features to Help You Build and Scale

Platform9 ensures that your private cloud is ready for production demands, providing the reliability and robustness and all the features you need to support your organization now and into the future.

RBAC support, SSO and multi-tenancy: Identity and access management is provided via compatibility with all major enterprise SSO solutions (such as AD, LDAP, Okta and others). Built-in multi-tenancy and ability to set and manage per-tenant resource quotas.

Unified Management: Distributed data centers? Mixed hypervisors? Multiple teams? Platform9 supports them all seamlessly, providing global visibility and policy-based control across distributed infrastructure from a single pane of glass – including support for multi-tenancy and multi-hypervisor environments.

Open Platform: vSphere? KVM? Docker? It doesn’t matter to us. We’re hardware, OS and platform agnostic, so we work with your systems of choice. Plus, with our open APIs, you can easily integrate with your favorite automation frameworks and Devops tools.

Your favorite

Because Platform9 supports multiple platforms, you can choose to leverage the technologies that work best for your organization.

VMware ESXi is generally regarded as the best hypervisor around. Platform9 has developed robust support in OpenStack for VMware vSphere, so you can leverage your existing investment while implementing a private cloud.

With its low license cost and continuing development, KVM is increasingly popular. What’s more, Platform9 makes it really simple to use, so you don’t need Linux Ninjas on your team to benefit from KVM.

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