Private Cloud Solutions for DevOps Teams

Empower DevOps on Private Clouds

Give your teams everything they love about public clouds — self service, CI/CD automation, scalability, reliability, and ease-of-use — in on-premises data centers or colo facilities.

Juniper Networks
The General Insurance

Data services provider uses Platform9 to achieve automated orchestration of VMs at scale in on-premises Infrastructure

“Running workloads in public clouds can cost 4x what our private cloud costs, that’s why we have one! Using Platform9 on-premises, we add new services and fix issues in minutes and consistently avoid racking up substantial public cloud fees.”
IT infrastructure Manager

Why Private Clouds are Hard

Operating production environments require special expertise — it’s not DIY.

Highly skilled platform engineers are scarce — and if you can find them, very expensive.

Constant upgrades, updates, and changing technologies impact uptime

Whitepaper: Architects Guide to Building Private and Edge Clouds

White Paper

How to Simplify Private Clouds

Enterprise customers want an automated, self-service infrastructure with the same level of agility, ease-of-use, and scale of the public cloud. Learn how to replicate the public cloud operating model in a private cloud with a new architectural approach.

The Value of Platform9 Private Cloud Management

Use Open Technologies

  • Orchestrate VMs with OpenStack.
  • Use containers-as-a-service with Kubernetes.
  • Combine VMs and container management with KubeVirt.

Delight Your Developers

  • Enjoy the ease of a public-cloud-like user experience.
  • Fully automate developer workflows with open APIs.
  • Run traditional apps alongside cloud-native apps.
  • Support bare metal, VMs, and containers with a converged platform.

Offload Infrastructure Operations

  • The Platform9 SaaS management plane and ops team handles all Day-2 operations.
  • Scale up in minutes.
  • Centrally manage multiple data centers.

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Eliminate expenses of hosting the management plane.
  • Minimize downtime and expensive public cloud usage.
  • Quickly configure and modify on-premises servers.

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White Paper

An Architect’s Guide to Private and Edge Clouds

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