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Buyer’s guide to VMware Alternatives

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Comparing Proxmox, Nutanix, Hyper-V, OpenStack, and KubeVirt across 42 virtualization management capabilities

In recent years, the virtualization landscape has witnessed significant shifts, with enterprises increasingly seeking alternatives to VMware due to rising costs and changing market dynamics. With VMware‘s recent acquisition by Broadcom and subsequent price increases, many enterprise customers are reevaluating their virtualization strategies and exploring alternative solutions that offer comparable features and benefits without breaking the bank.

This white paper serves as a comprehensive buyer‘s guide to VMware alternatives, aimed at assisting enterprise customers in navigating the complex virtualization market and making informed decisions that align with their business objectives and budgetary constraints. By examining key features and factors to consider when evaluating virtualization solutions, we aim to empower enterprise customers to find the right fit for their unique requirements and maximize the value of their investments.

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