Save costs with unified infrastructure management

Manage virtual machines and Kubernetes – on-premises, at the edge, or air-gapped – with our flexible platform that reduces ops cost and accelerates delivery of revenue-generating apps.

Learn how to streamline platform operations.
Save costs with unified infrastructure management

Trusted by top companies

We delight IT infrastructure, platform engineering, developer, and DevOps teams at these companies.

Webinar: Save up to 50% over VMware costs

Platform9 is recognized as an Outperformer in GigaOm’s 2023 Radar Report

Moving beyond VMware: Create agility, save costs, and future-proof your transition

We (Intel) have leveraged Platform9’s air-gapped kubernetes platform to create brand new market innovations. This has allowed us to focus our efforts on innovating for the market and our customers without worrying about the underlying cloud infrastructure.”
Caroline Chan

VP, Intel

Twelve reasons
Why your IT modernization initiatives may be failing

Pain points from our customers before their switch to Platform9.

Icon: Understaffed

You need to do more with less staff and budget.

Icon: Hypervisor Tax

Heavy legacy hypervisor taxes are draining the budget you have.

Icon: Public cloud costs

Your public cloud costs are astronomical and difficult to control.

Icon: cloud container

Lifting and shifting VMs to public cloud gives you limited ROI.

Icon: cloud change

Shifting to public cloud is simply not an option for some or all apps.

Icon: code delivery

You are unable to deliver better code, consistently, and faster.

Icon: Unsure

It’s unclear what containerization strategy will give you the best ROI.

Icon: Containers cluster

Developer self-service is hampering container and cluster governance.

Icon: Wasted Time

Teams are wasting time searching and implementing the right tools.

Icon: Skyrocketing

Your ops overhead skyrockets as you increase locations and capacity.

Icon: Technology ecosystem

You cannot keep up with the ecosystem of new technologies.

Icon: Costly

Refactoring your legacy VMs to containers is too costly.

Enterprises have had two paths to modernize – until now.

There is a third option with better outcomes

With Platform9 you have a third – and better – option.

Option 1 – Public cloud: too expensive

Public cloud locks you into cloud-specific services and infrastructure, and isn’t even an option for certain workloads.

Option 2 – Private/edge cloud: too complex

You don’t have the Opex, skills and time to modernize your existing infrastructure.

Option 3 – Platform9: just right approach to cloud native!

Get public cloud ease of use with a modern virtualization and container solution deployed to your infrastructure – existing or new.

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Unlocking business agility:
Enterprise success with our unified platform

Our enterprise customers have reduced costs, improved productivity, increased platform uptime, and generated more revenues with faster software delivery.

Juniper Networks

Modernize 4x faster

Platform9 helped reduce costs by 50% and delivered 4x faster time-to-value, while maintaining a 99.95% SLA across global deployments.

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Reduce operational cost

Redfin saved $400,000 infra management costs and hundreds of engineering hours.

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Save 75% vs using public cloud

Platform9 reduced costs over public cloud and enhanced scalability, configuring infrastructure in 20 minutes that formerly took 6 weeks.

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A unified platform built to streamline operations and reduce costs

Platform9 delivers all the components and services you need to go into production confidently – with guaranteed SLA’s

Platform9’s unified management platform

Management services

Self-service UI, multi-cluster and site management, APIs, governance policy engine, and GitOps automation

Other infrastructure services

Monitoring, Logging, Ingress, Networking, Load balancer

metalLB Calico fluentd Prometheus NGINX Logo

Virtualization service

kubevirt Logo

Container as a service


Bare metal as a service

Bare Metal

Your infrastructure

AWS Your Own Infrastructure Microsoft Azure Your Own Infrastructure
To determine your best strategy.

Modernization solutions tailored to your business needs

On-premises or at the edge, choose your infrastructure, deployment, and consumption models – all backed by our Always-on Assurance™.

Build & self-manage with your own staff

Enterprise platform software ideal for enterprises, system integrators, and partners:

Enterprise platform software
Cloud Service

Have us manage for simplified operations

Cloud service ideal for organizations without skilled, in-house teams with complex platform needs.

Determine your best modernization strategy

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