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Platform9 Named A Representative Vendor in
2021 Gartner Market Guide for Container Management

The report cites “The growth of the enterprise container management market will be influenced by the growth of net new application development and application modernization efforts. These efforts are leveraging containers to enable agility and speed of application development pipelines. Container adoption will increase at a rapid pace during the next few years. Gartner client interactions and event surveys continually show a high level of interest in container technology, with an associated rise in production deployments.”

Comparison Graphic: Before Platform9
Comparison Graphic: After Platform9

A Better Way To Run Kubernetes

PMK is a SaaS managed service that works with your infrastructure to create Kubernetes clusters instantly.

Clusters come built in with monitoring and log aggregation, and integrate with all your existing tools, so you can focus just on building apps.

1000s of users use Platform9 for Kubernetes daily

Our new application roll-out time has decreased from several days or weeks to minutes or hours. Redfin developers can now experiment with existing applications and create new microservices blazingly fast.
Anna Bates
Engineering Manager,
It used to take us months of work to respond to new store openings or changing the way the order process works. With Platform9, we now develop and deploy a service in a few days. It’s been a massive enabler for handling the 10x increase in online orders during the pandemic.
David Grainger
Digital Platforms Manager,
Platform9 and Kubernetes are providing key technology and support capabilities to optimize service delivery for our cloud-native software products and services. We expect to see benefits in simplifying our service delivery, operations, optimize foot-print, lower costs and add tangible value to our customer community.
Bejoy Pankajakshan
Chief Strategy Officer,
PMK enables us to run our entire build infrastructure environment at scale on Kubernetes hassle free and without the maintenance overhead.
Ravi Ravichandran
VP Engineering, Cloud Platform and DevOps,
Juniper Networks
Platform9 has allowed Snapfish to deploy Kubernetes with ease and quickness at the fraction of the cost over other on-prem infrastructure management offerings.
Stephen Pride
Senior Infrastructure Engineer,
Platform9 has made the upgrade process incredibly simple – it is virtually hands-off for us as engineers that manage the infrastructure. The amount of communication before upgrades and when there are outages or issues has been great. You are, in fact, a major step ahead of the competition, as far as I have interacted with the competition. I can say in the affirmative that you guys are a leading competitor in this space. Hats off to you guys there.
Alex Black
Technical Lead, Automation,

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Screen: Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

PMK Freedom tier comes enabled with all PMK features, available completely for free!

  • Create a Kubernetes cluster in < 5 minutes
  • Cluster comes built-in with Prometheus & Grafana pre-configured with pod & cluster metrics
  • Free for up to 3 clusters and up to 20 nodes

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