Transform cloud native management with Platform9 Always-On Assurance™

The only cloud native management solution that resolves 97.2% of issues before you notice a cluster problem. Experience unmatched efficiency, reliability, uptime, and support in your infrastructure modernization journey.

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What is Always-On Assurance™?

Focus on innovation while Platform9 manages, monitors, and remediates your cloud native infrastructure using a SaaS management plane and a unique proactive-ops methodology. This works for Kubernetes, KubeVirt and Bare Metal management.

Ensure guaranteed 99.9% SLA

Using remote monitoring, auto-alert and auto-ticket generation, and proactive troubleshooting integrated with our support systems.

Rapid customized day-1 deployment

Guided onboarding is perfectly tailored to your specific infrastructure environment and business needs. Successfully navigate adoption regardless of internal expertise.

Resilience from the get-go

Automated backup, archival, and recovery strategies. Regular fire drills to validate backup processes.

Maintain day-2 performance and operations

SaaS management enables automated scaling, seamless upgrades, and fine-grained RBAC and zero-trust policies. Maintain optimized performance post-deployment.

Enjoy measurable operational improvements

Our proactive-ops methodology significantly reduces your team’s operational overhead and issue resolution times, while improving your system uptime.

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Prevent app outages proactively

97.2% of issues resolved without customer escalation
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Minimize unproductive time with automated support ticket generation

64.5% of customer issues are proactively detected and tickets created automatically

Issue Identification

The Issue Identification graph showing 64.5% Proactive support and 35.5% Customer submitted  tickets

Customer Submitted Spread

The Customer Submitted Spread graph showing 71.9% Technical support issue and queries and 28.1% End user errors

“Platform9’s team demonstrated one of the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. Their commitment, diligence, and great sense of ownership ensured the successful and timely rollout of our new managed AI platform.””

VP of Engineering

AI Pioneer

“Platform9’s support is a night and day difference compared to other vendors. Their support responds promptly to critical incidents and proactively offers help over Zoom, even before I submit a ticket.”

Senior SRE engineer

Transportation Company

“Since starting with Platform9, there’ve been a number of upgrades to the management plane — but because it’s SaaS, no one in the IT/operations staff has noticed.”

Senior manager, Infrastructure

Data Services Company

Architecture of Always-On Assurance™

Our unique architecture combines a SaaS management plane, 24/7 remote monitoring, alerting, automated support ticket generation, and proactive troubleshooting and resolution of customer issues​.

Always-On Assurance™

SaaS management plane

  • Integrates Prometheus for comprehensive cluster performance and health monitoring
  • Offers a user-friendly portal and APIs for efficient Kubernetes cluster management
  • Supports Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for enhanced security and operational efficiency
  • Features robust multi-tenancy for isolated environments, ensuring compliance and resource segregation
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An illustration of the Catapult monitoring concept showing DevOps connected to Support and Product Engineering

Catapult monitoring system

  • Utilizes Cortex and Prometheus for sophisticated monitoring of Kubernetes clusters
  • Provides comprehensive insights into the performance and health of Kubernetes components
  • Offers scalable, long-term storage of metrics and multi-tenancy support with Cortex
  • Ensures proactive issue detection and effective management of large-scale Kubernetes environments

Proactive support and log aggregation

  • Aggregates logs from Platform9 components in customer environments for comprehensive analysis
  • Support team uses dashboards to monitor data and detect potential issues
  • Automated alerting and ticket creation in Zendesk for efficient issue tracking and resolution
  • Enables preemptive issue resolution, root cause analysis, and continuous product
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Data privacy and compliance

  • Uses encrypted storage buckets to securely store monitoring data, emphasizing data safety and confidentiality
  • Focuses log collection on management components, avoiding customer data unless with explicit consent
  • Implements strict access controls and consent-based manual log collection for data security
  • Regularly audits security controls to maintain compliance with enterprise standards, ensuring robust privacy and data protection

Dive deeper

Platform9’s Always-On Assurance™ is more than just a slogan; it represents a dedication to Kubernetes support through advanced technology, certified expertise, and a team of certified professionals. This whitepaper provides architectural details and enabling-technology for proactive operations.

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World-class proactive support with certified expertise and collaborative culture

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All Kubernetes support engineers are CKA certified, ensuring skilled problem-solving
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Half of the team holds CKS certifications, bolstering capability in critical security aspects of Kubernetes
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A dedicated support team collaborates closely with the engineering team for efficient problem resolution
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Customer-centric service focuses on empathy and understanding, guiding clients through issues and onboarding, fostering satisfaction and trust
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CKA/CKS certified

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SOC2 compliant

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24/7 support

Ready to take action?

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a highly available Kubernetes environment without having to manage it yourself.

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