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Edge to anywhere

Save truck-roll costs and accelerate edge app delivery by centrally managing thousands of remote edge sites and your data centers and public clouds.

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Twelve reasons
Why you’re struggling at the Edge

Challenges faced by our customers before they transition to Platform9.

Icon: Troubleshoot

Troubleshooting problems at each edge site takes days

Icon: Control Plane

Control plane at each site drives up upgrade and support costs

Icon: One Central Location

No easy way to manage 1000s of sites from one central location

Icon: Different Hardware Software

Different hardware and software at each site is expensive to maintain

Icon: VMS Containers

Managing both VMs and containers doubles ops and license costs

Icon: Unable to Deliver

You are unable to deliver edge apps code, consistently, and faster.

Icon: Unique & Custom Built

Each edge use case is unique and custom-built

Icon: Skyrocketing

Your costs of truck rolls skyrockets as you increase number of locations.

Icon: Wasting Time

Teams are wasting time searching and implementing the right tools.

Icon: Hardware Delivered

From the time hardware is delivered to the time your stack is running takes weeks/months

Icon: Slow-down App

You slow down app delivery due to lack of automated deployment to edge sites

Icon: Network Connection Down

You are unable to continue operating when your network connection goes down

Enterprises have had two paths for edge projects — until now.

There is a third option with better outcomes

Option 1 – Public cloud: NOT designed for edge

Public cloud can get very expensive at scale and their services won’t work on any edge infrastructure you already own.

Option 2 – Traditional software solutions: too complex

Lack of OpEx, skills, and time for managing virtualization, container, & bare metal at each site.

Option 3 – Platform9: just right approach for edge computing

Get public cloud ease-of-use with unified virtualization, containers, and Bare Metal on existing edge infrastructure across thousands of sites.

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Platform9’s unified infrastructure management provides the solution

SaaS Managed Kubernetes

Centrally Manage 1000s of edge clouds

Ensure consistency, control, and governance with one SaaS management plane. Quickly stand up new edge locations from bare metal upwards. Manage your data center and cloud resources from the same platform.

Remotely deploy apps to the edge with a few clicks

Leverage powerful open source cloud frameworks, KubeVirt, Kubernetes, without the operational overhead.

Use your existing x86 infrastructure

No more proprietary hardware or lock-in. Get infrastructure flexibility and freedom you deserve.

Your edge infrastructure. Proven benefits.

Icon: Faster Time

Faster time to market

Operationalize edge cloud in days instead of months
Icon: Note

Reduced Operational Costs

Maintain edge location with little additional staffing. Reduce time spent on low level infrastructure tasks and special skills
Icon: Infrastructure Flexibility

Infra Flexibility

Leverage existing or 3rd party hardware in edge location
Icon: Self-Service API Automation

Self-Service API automation

Provide developers self-service capabilities so they can automate application deployment with API driven CI/CD
Icon: Central SaaS Management

Central SaaS Management

A single pane of glass management and UI to simplify management across all of your infrastructure locations
Icon: Open Source

Upstream open source

Leverage innovation of open source technologies without the operational burden

Use cases

Retail Smart Store

Transform customer experiences to increase revenue per store

  • Enable immersive (AR/VR) customer experiences in the store
  • Enable ML/AI based intelligent demand based stocking of goods
  • Deliver faster real-time video analytics
  • Provide seamless user experience of online and in-store transactions

How Platform9 Helps

  • Automated API-driven CI/CD for developers to remotely and automatically deploy and update AI/ML, Point of Sale, video surveillance, and other applications with a few clicks. ​
  • Reduce deployment times to 1000s of store locations from months to hours
  • Remotely and centrally manage the life-cycle of the in-store infrastructure and applications
Retail edge
Telco / 5G edge

5G Telco Edge

Accelerate 5G-enabled Use Cases to Drive new Business Opportunities

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband: high-speed – eMBB. e.g. AR/VR,Audio/Video streaming etc.
  • Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication: uRLLC. e.g. Autonomous vehicles, Smart City & Traffic Management
  • Massive Machine Type Communication (IoT): mMTC. e.g. IoT/Edge Compute

How Platform9 Helps

  • Centrally deploy and run Kubernetes and CNF (Containered Network Functions) across 10,000s of cell towers and Central Offices
  • Fully automate CNF life cycle management with custer-level and network APIs
  • Leverage advanced networking for low-latency, high-performance capabilities at scale

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Uncover the true potential of your edge infrastructure

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