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How To Configure Multi-node Highly Available Glance Image Catalog In A Region

By Platform9

With Platform9 Managed OpenStack, administrators can authorize multiple hosts within a region to act as OpenStack Glance image library servers. Adding multiple image libraries has following benefits: It lets you… Read More

Tutorial: Manage Images with the OpenStack Glance Client

By Platform9

This tutorial provides basic recipes for manipulating images using OpenStack glance. Requirements You will first need to install the OpenStack Glance Client on one of your systems. Follow the Tutorial on… Read More

Create an Ubuntu 16.04 Virtual Machine Image from Scratch

By Platform9

If you wish to run Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machines on your Platform9 OpenStack cloud today, you have two options to get a Ubuntu 16.04 Image in your image catalog to… Read More

Supported Image Types and File Formats

By Platform9

When you add an image to the OpenStack Glance image service, you can specify its disk and container format. You can find more info on supported disk and container formats… Read More

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