Managed Kubernetes

Scale Kubernetes on-premises without the operational burden 

Our Always-On Assurance™ delivers fully automated Day-2 operations with 99.9% SLA for your Kubernetes clusters on-premises, for your AIML and general purpose containerized workloads.

Platform9 Kubernetes Platform
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Deploy a cluster instantly

Spin up a Kubernetes cluster in < 5 minutes – on your laptop, on-premise servers, VMs or on public clouds. Create production ready clusters just as easily, then scale them up or down on demand.

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Offload cluster management to us

Focus on your business, and let Platform9 take care of every aspect of cluster management including 24/7 remote monitoring, self-healing, automatic troubleshooting, and proactive issue resolution.

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Achieve GitOps faster

Use ArgoCD for enabling zero-setup continuous delivery. DevOps and Developers can leverage Argo to deploy apps in an instant into any cluster, in any cloud.

All-in-one Kubernetes platform for on-premises, public cloud, and edge

Platform9 delivers Kubernetes plus the all the essential add-ons needed for production at scale – all supported by Platform9 24/7 with 99.9% SLA.

Platform9's all-in-one Kubernetes Platform for On-Premises, Public Cloud, and Edge

SaaS management with Catapult Remote Monitoring

Accelerate cloud-native development and scale operations with 24/7 remote monitoring that alerts Platform9 & your team.

Catapult remote monitoring

Kubernetes + managed add-ons

Consume a complete Kubernetes cluster on any cloud, including on-prem, with CNI, CoreDNS, Monitoring, MetalLB and more built in and supported by Platform9.

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Manage clusters in your datacenter, cloud or at the edge

Import existing clusters from EKS, AKS & GKE or build anywhere. Platform9 manages your clusters where you want to run.

Cluster management

Platform9 goes beyond cluster management

We provide a powerful IDE for developers for simplified in-context views to pods, logs, events, and more: Both development and operations teams can access the information they need in an instant secured through SSO and Kubernetes RBAC.

Best proactive K8s support on the planet

Our industry’s first SaaS managed approach combined with our best in class support & customer success organization with 99.9% consistent CSAT rating delivers production-ready K8s to organization of any size.

“Platform9 support has been exemplar. Their support team has knowledge engineers who seems to understand our enviornments and have consistently provided viable and accurate recommendations? suggestions based on the nature of the issues.”

Dipankar Biswas

Vice President, Reliability Engineering & Operations, EIS, EBSCO

“My experience with Platform9 since we use the product have been exceptional! The solution architect support at the beginning of our adoption on Kubernetes had helped a lot in our deployment and solving technical challenges in a very timely manner.”

Fai Lau

Sr. Unix Admin, Juniper Networks

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Customer SAT


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Kubernetes and GitOps quickstart guide

Deploying Kubernetes can be a journey. Try following one of our quick-start guides for Kubernetes to jump-start your journey.

Build a cluster on a VM

Deploy an app using GitOps


Learn on YouTube

Looking for help on Ingress? Security? Storage? Checkout our collection of hands-on videos on YouTube.

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Connect on Slack

Join our community of users on Slack and get help with any Kubernetes and Cloud Native questions.

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