Run Kubernetes Instantly, Anywhere.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is SaaS-managed, infrastructure-agnostic, and works across public clouds and on-premises server infrastructure.

Kubernetes Delivered as a Service

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is the industry’s only SaaS managed solution that is infrastructure agnostic, working across public clouds and on-premises server infrastructure.

SaaS managed delivery enables on boarding in minutes, without the ongoing operational overhead of 24/7 monitoring, troubleshooting and orchestrating Kubernetes upgrades.


Application Design

Use Kubernetes to adopt modern application design patterns, such as modular services, separation of state and horizontal scaling.

Write Once,
Run Anywhere

Reduce costs and increase operational flexibility by seamlessly running applications anywhere across public clouds or data-centers.

Manage Software,
Not Infrastructure

Decouple software from the underlying infrastructure stack. Leverage policy controls for scaling and versioning software deployments.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Capabilities

Pure-Play Kubernetes, SaaS-Managed

Managed Kubernetes packages upstream releases as a “SaaS-managed” solution, meaning it will always be 100% pure-play, avoiding vendor lock-in. Because the solution is deployed, monitored, supported and upgraded as SaaS, users can focus on using Kubernetes without the management overhead.

Fully Integrated, Runs Anywhere

Several Kubernetes integrations are included out-of-the-box: end-to-end security, multi-tenant controls for user quotas w/ SSO integration, integration with external persistent storage and load-balancers, making it easy to use in any infrastructure from on-premises to public cloud providers (such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine).

Highly Available

Managed Kubernetes creates highly available, multi-master, multi-etcd Kubernetes clusters that can span across availability zones in your private or public cloud environment. This means your Kubernetes environment can tolerate local failures across one or more availability zones.

Runs Side-by-Side with OpenStack

Managed Kubernetes is offered as a peer service to Platform9 Managed OpenStack, giving customers the freedom of choice across both. Microservices developers can use Kubernetes independent of OpenStack, virtualized application developers can use OpenStack, and IT/Operations can manage across both frameworks through a single management pane.

Beautifully Simple UI

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes has crafted a beautifully simple and elegant user interface that make it easy to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters, different cloud providers, and multiple private datacenters. Easily manage multi-tenancy using Kubernetes namespaces and your SSO provider, view and manage services, pods and deployments. A built-in console makes it easy to connect, debug and use your clusters directly via the UI.

Dynamically optimize cloud spend with Arbitrage.

Administrators can define what percentage of the total number of nodes in a Kubernetes cluster to deploy as Spot instances on EC2 at adjustable Spot bid prices, and what level of fault tolerance and performance to maintain. Arbitrage capabilities provide improved cloud cost control by continuously evaluating the pricing of cloud resources against target SLAs, to automatically decide whether Spot instances or standard EC2 instances are deployed. This ensures that the minimum fault-tolerance requirements are met at all times, and that cloud costs are optimized – automatically.

Easy Access to Fission

Fission represents the simplest way to start developing applications for Kubernetes. It provides a simple, serverless interface to leverage Kubernetes, enabling rapid development of REST-based application backends, event-driven automation or custom application controllers. Instead of taking weeks to fully learn Kubernetes’ powerful abstractions, deploy simple REST functions to Kubernetes within hours. Learn more about Fission.

Architecture Kubernetes

Ready to Run Kubernetes?

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