Managed Kubernetes as a Service

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK) is the only Kubernetes as a service that ensures fully automated Day-2 operations with 99.9% SLA on any environment: in data-centers, public clouds, or at the edge.

Our unique SaaS Management Plane remotely monitors, optimizes and heals your Kubernetes clusters and underlying infrastructure. With automatic security patches, upgrades, proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, auto-healing, and more — you can confidently run production-grade Kubernetes, anywhere.

Pick the Right Solution: See how Platform9 compares to Red Hat OpenShift, VMware Tanzu, Google Anthos, and Rancher

SaaS Control Plane
Upstream Kubernetes and open source tools delivered as a service
Bring Your Own Infrastructure

Fast, frictionless, and Maintenance-free Kubernetes experience

Deploy and run upstream open source Kubernetes on any existing environment
Zero touch upgrades
Self-service portal
Kubernetes Managed Apps – for monitoring, logging, databases, and more
Application Catalog with hundreds of pre-built Kubernetes applications
Visibility, Control, and Compliance across any environment

Kubernetes as a Service Features


Self-service cluster creation on any infrastructure

Spin up a cluster in <5 minutes with native integrations across bare metal provisioning, private and public clouds.

Application Catalog

Deploy applications using the native Helm repository or create your own Helm Charts and application templates.

Monitor & Troubleshoot

Remote Monitoring 24/7

Our SaaS management plane remotely monitors all your clusters and infrastructure for health 24/7 and alerts you – as well as our dedicated Kubernetes support experts – of any possible performance or availability issues.

Managed Prometheus for cluster and app health

Full visibility into cluster health:
Every cluster automatically comes up with an instance of Prometheus that’s preconfigured with the rules, alerts and Grafana dashboard.

Granular monitoring of app health:
You can deploy additional instances of Managed Prometheus per namespace or application for specific monitoring needs.

We automatically manage the lifecycle of all your Prometheus instances – nothing for you to do.

Managed Fluentd for log aggregation & app troubleshooting

We have your back with proactive log analysis to identify bottlenecks and failures and remote troubleshooting to resolve issues and optimize your infrastructure.

We automatically manage the lifecycle of your fluentd instance- nothing for you to do


1-click cluster upgrades

Easily upgrade multiple clusters using the UI or API to the latest stable version of Kubernetes, no service interruption.

Instant Security Patches

When a new CVE is discovered and fixed, a patch is automatically applied to all of your Kubernetes clusters.

RBAC Management

Control access to resources across all clusters with fine-grained Kubernetes RBAC management

Auto-healing and proactive troubleshooting

Our SaaS management plane automatically collects data around health of your clusters and triages for issues. All your clusters are remotely monitored 24×7, with auto-healing of the control plane and proactive troubleshooting of the underlying infrastructure. The SaaS management plane alerts you about issues with your clusters even when they are disconnected or completely down.

Central management and single pane of glass

Full API access for cluster lifecycle and single management console provide shared visibility and control across all your environments and Kubernetes clusters. You can even centrally manage VMs through the same UI.

100% Upstream Kubernetes, that Works on Any Infrastructure

Get shared visibility and control across hybrid environments spanning bare metal, private, and public clouds.

Get Enterprise Kubernetes That Just Works, Anywhere!

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