Managed Kubernetes as a Service

  • Guaranteed 99.9% SLA
  • Remotely Monitored and Healed
  • Remote Upgrades and Instant Security Patching
  • Runs Anywhere

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Running Kubernetes at Enterprise Scale is a Huge Operational Challenge

Day-2 Operations Complexity

Day-2 Operations are complex
Kubernetes is notoriously complex to operate for mission critical use cases under strict SLAs.

Talent Scarcity

Talent scarcity
Hiring and retaining in-demand Kubernetes operational expertise is difficult.

Constantly Evolving Landscape

Constantly Evolving Landscape
It is difficult to keep pace with the constant enhancements in the Kubernetes community and all related services.

Multi-Cloud Management

Multi-cloud management
The challenge is amplified with the need to manage Kubernetes across several on-premises data-centers and cloud environments.

Kubernetes that Just Works!

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is the industry’s only SaaS-based continuously managed Kubernetes service that guarantees 24x7x365 SLA and works across any infrastructure: on-prem data centers, public clouds, and at the Edge.

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Ensure 99.9% SLA Guarantee
with No Operational Overhead

Comprehensive Day-2 operations for your production clusters

Eliminate day-2 operations challenges of Kubernetes in production with our SaaS-based continuous management service that delivers:

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Round the clock real-time monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Highly available Control Plane
  • Automated diagnostics, alerts, and troubleshooting
  • Zero-touch upgrades and security patches
  • Multi-cluster management
  • Our certified Kubernetes experts have your back 24×7 with proactive remediation
Guaranteed Uptime and Rock-Solid SLA

Pure Play Kubernetes That Runs Anywhere

Deploy and run upstream open source Kubernetes on any existing environment:

  • Run Kubernetes on bare metal, VMware, on-premises data centers across geo regions, on any public cloud, or at the Edge
  • Benefit from the innovation of the open source community
  • Eliminate lock-in to cloud providers or proprietary distributions or tools.
  • Enable Edge use cases
  • Certified by CNCF
Kubernetes That Runs Anywhere

Zero-touch upgrades

Single-click automated upgrade process for security patches and new upstream versions of Kubernetes:

  • Get notified when a new production-ready version is available for upgrade
  • Upgrade your Kubernetes clusters in minutes with a single click
  • You can choose on which environments to start rolling out your upgrade or run a smoke test for your applications, first (working from Dev, through to Production).
  • No disruption to running workloads
Zero-Touch Updates

Self-service portal

Simple-to-use self service portal allows your developers and operations teams to:

  • Deploy multi-cluster Kubernetes under 20 mins on any infrastructure, with a a simple wizard
  • Centrally manage clusters on different cloud providers and data centers
  • Connect to your clusters through the UI, or with the built-in CLI accessible from the portal.
  • Access your Kubernetes dashboard with a single click.
  • Easily deploy application templates or related services and processes via the App Catalog
Self-Service Portal

Kubernetes Managed Apps – for monitoring, logging, databases, and more.

The industry’s only integrated, end-to-end 99.9% SLA spanning both the Kubernetes infrastructure and the application tier.

  • Each managed app can be set up as a multi-tenant service across all clusters, or per specific clusters/namespaces.
  • Provides one-click deployment for developers, with governance, security, visibility and capacity planning for Ops teams.
  • Managed Prometheus: The Prometheus stack and Alert Manager, with HA, persistent storage, DR – all handled automatically, with no need for Admin intervention.
  • Managed EFK: Fluentd, Elastic and Kibana for an integrated logging and indexing service.
  • Managed MySQL: The popular relational database for stateful Kubernetes applications is delivered via Percona’s MySQL offering.
  • And many more coming soon!

Application Catalog with hundreds of pre-built Kubernetes applications

Increase developer productivity with one-click deployments of Kubernetes apps:

  • Pre-packaged Helm charts are available, alongside custom application templates and vetted automations built by your teams.
  • Easily add additional custom templates either as Helm charts, YAML files, and more.
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Spinnaker
  • Databases: MySQL, Mongo, Cassandra
  • Monitoring: Prometheus
  • Service Management: Istio
  • And many more!
Applications Catalog

Visibility, Control, and Compliance across any environment

Gain shared visibility and control of all of your Kubernetes clusters via a single pane of glass

  • Centralized management of your Kubernetes clusters, running on any environment
  • Ensures compliance, security and auditability across all types of infrastructure with unified operations processes
  • Enterprise RBAC features
  • SSO integrations
  • LDAP integrations
  • PCI compliance certification
Dashboard View - Visibility, Control, and Compliance across any environment

Run VMs and Serverless Functions Alongside Kubernetes

Platform9 hybrid cloud solution enables IT-Ops to also manage their VMs workloads, serverless functions and Containers – across any infrastructure – all under one platform.

  • Platform9 Managed OpenStack provides the capability to deploy, run, and scale virtualized infrastructure
  • The open source Fission provides a powerful framework to run serverless function-as-a-service on top of Kubernetes
Run VMs and Serverless Functions Alongside Kubernetes

Enterprises Rely on Platform9 Managed Kubernetes


82% faster code to production


1 Admin managing 11 on-prem DCs + 5 public cloud regions- spanning both VMs and Kubernetes, in a single platform

Aruba Networks

1000s of devices running Kubernetes at the Edge

Get Enterprise Kubernetes That Just Works, Anywhere!

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