Platform9 Managed Kubernetes for Docker

Best-of-breed Docker orchestration for containerized workloads

Make Docker Apps Enterprise Ready

Platform9 takes all of the goodness of Kubernetes and delivers it as a managed service, while adding features that support mission-critical applications. This means you can focus on application development without worrying about Kubernetes upkeep and whether your containerized apps will run in production, at scale.

“Containers as a Service”

  • Fully automated initial deployment and configuration, including installation of Docker dependencies and flannel networking layer. Any Linux-based servers (physical or virtual) can be configured to participate in Kubernetes clusters with the click of a button.
  • 24/7 health monitoring and alerting, proactive troubleshooting and updates.
  • Zero-touch upgrades.

Learn more about containers as a service and Docker orchestration.

Run Containerized Applications in Production, At Scale

Running containerized applications in production requires features that allow for easy integration within your existing IT environment. Platform9 Managed Kubernetes for Docker provides such integrations out of the box, making it easy to incorporate Kubernetes into your application deployment workflows.

  • RBAC support and SSO: Identity and access management via compatibility with all major enterprise SSO solutions (such as AD, LDAP, Okta and others).
  • Multi-tenancy: Built-in multi-tenancy and ability to set and manage per-tenant resource quotas.
  • Persistent storage: Integration with all major enterprise storage solutions (NetApp, Pure, EMC, Nimble, Ceph, Gluster and others).
  • Network integrations: Networking within and across Kubernetes pods enabled by integrating with major enterprise network solutions.
  • Image management: Management and versioning of container registries allows for image standardization at the organization level and enables collaboration across dev-test and production.
  • Multi-cloud support: Build and manage cross-region or cross-cloud deployments under a common management layer with the same enterprise policies and control.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes for Docker

Any hardware, any cloud, anywhere.

Architecture-Kubernetes (1)

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes gives organizations a best-of- breed Docker orchestration framework for deployment of containerized workloads, delivered as a “managed service” which makes it easy to install and deploy. Platform9 Managed Kubernetes for Docker also eliminates the operational overhead of troubleshooting and managing the orchestration layer through 24/7 health monitoring and alerting, zero-touch patch management and upgrades at scale.

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Why Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is one of the leading platforms for managing containerized workloads (e.g., Docker orchestration) across host clusters. It’s an open-source project that came out of Google and their years of experience of running containerized workloads. What does it do?

  • Makes containerized workloads portable with no tie in to the underlying system platform. Run it anywhere, like any cloud offering of your choosing.
  • Designed with extensibility in mind, making it easy to plug in features for enterprise readiness.
  • Provides service discovery with DNS and IP management for its pods of containers. Effectively, providing auto-scaling and load balancing out of the box.
  • Auto restart and auto placement of container workloads eliminates the need to build your own application watchdog and placement algorithm.
  • Orchestrated rollout (and rollback) of updates to containers facilitates zero-downtime for the workload during updates.
  • It has a very active development process with new Kubernetes features being introduced at a good pace, all supported by a thriving and helpful community.

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