Platform9 Solutions for Retail Transformation

Powering Software-Defined Stores with Kubernetes

Centrally deploy and manage apps across 1000s of stores: POS, AR/VR, machine learning, network video recording, curbside pickup, smart assistants, and virtual mirrors without the operational burden

Leading Retailers Innovate with Cloud-Native Architecture

European retailer deploys Platform9 to enable agile DevOps with a shared digital platform across their diverse retail businesses

“The enormous business value of Platform9 is that distributed teams can develop and deploy services, change order processes, or even set up new stores in days instead of weeks —or months.”
Digital Platforms Manager

Rapidly Deliver Apps Transforming In-Store Customer Experiences

Build and deploy your in-store retail applications with confidence

Customer-Facing Apps
POS, Network Video Recorders, Intelligent order processing
DevOps tools, AI/ML, and Data Services
CI/CD tool chains, databases, analytics
Automated App Deployment Framework
Helm, API, CLI, Terraform

Platform9 automates your infrastructure stack in each store

Centralized Monitoring and Logging
Prometheus, Grafana, Alert Manager, EFK
Automated deployment of Kubernetes and Virtualization stacks
Manage and run VMs and containers in each store
Automated deployment of OS on store bare metal servers
using PXE, IPXE, and IPMI

Centrally Manage 1000s of Retail Stores

Platform9 transforms each store into a software-defined mini-cloud and then abstracts 1000s of geographically distributed regions and stores into a single shared global cloud.  DevOps leverage CI/CD tooling, APIs, and app catalog to simplify application management at scale

Whitepaper: Retailer's Guide to Software-Defined Stores with Kubernetes

Retailers Guide to Software-Defined Stores with Kubernetes

Learn about innovative new use cases you can enable with software-defined stores, how to solve challenges of managing 1000s of retail stores with Kubernetes, how a SaaS managed solution is the answer to creating the store of the future, and more.

How Platform9 Remotely Automates Store Deployment

Watch this demo video to see how Platform9 remotely automates the deployment of all layers of the infrastructure stack in a store: Bare Metal, Virtualization, Kubernetes, Networking, etc

Benefits of Platform9

Accelerate In-store Software Delivery

with autonomous Kubernetes clusters in every store

Run Traditional Apps Alongside Cloud-native

with our converged platform supporting bare metal, VMs, and containers

Minimize Per-Store Costs and Global Operational Complexity

leveraging our SaaS-based central management

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