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How To Configure Multi-node Highly Available Glance Image Catalog In A Region

By Platform9

With Platform9 Managed OpenStack, administrators can authorize multiple hosts within a region to act as OpenStack Glance image library servers. Adding multiple image libraries has following benefits: It lets you… Read More

Multi-Region Management (and Multi-Hypervisor Too)

By Sirish Raghuram

“With Amazon Web Services I can manage multiple regions of distributed infrastructure. Can I do multi-region management with Platform9?” I get this question a lot, and I’m happy to say the answer… Read More

Platform9 1.5 Release Notes

By Roopak Parikh

Platform9 Release 1.5 features several feature enhancements and bug fixes. Salient features of this release include: Multi-Region Support Platform9 now supports the ability to have multiple regions, managed as a… Read More

Configuring Multiple OpenStack Regions

By Platform9

Overview Platform9 Managed OpenStack enables administrators to manage multiple regions as part of their OpenStack cloud infrastructure. Datacenter resources in separate regions are managed by distinct sets of OpenStack management services (Nova/Glance/Cinder, etc.) but… Read More

Tutorial: Manage Images with the OpenStack Glance Client

By Platform9

This tutorial provides basic recipes for manipulating images using OpenStack glance. Requirements You will first need to install the OpenStack Glance Client on one of your systems. Follow the Tutorial on… Read More

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