Platform9 for Cloud-Native 5G

Powering Differentiated 5G Services on Kubernetes

Deploy and manage cloud-native 5G RAN, IMS, Packet Core, and Edge VNFs and CNFs without the management burden

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Leading Telco Providers Innovate with Cloud-Native 5G services

Mavenir runs cloud-native IMS and Opensource PaaS for Network Functions (XGVela) on Platform9

Bejoy Pankajakshan
“With the advent of 5G, there’s a cloud touch to the service provider’s network and ecosystem. Platform9 represents an evolution of a cloud-native software platform that offers competitive and differentiated services for many telco and enterprise customers.”
Bejoy PankajakshanMavenir Chief Strategy Officer

Deliver Revenue-Generating 5G Cloud-Native Services Faster

Platform9’s unique SaaS-managed model eliminates the overhead of operating the underlying 5G infrastructure stack

Run Your 5G application stack with confidence

Network Slicing
Slicing Network, MVNOs
Application Layer
App bundle, Market Place, OSS, BSSs
Telco Cloud Layer
5G core, 5G Radio, Configuration Management

Platform9 automates the deployment of the complete 5G infrastructure stack

Automated deployment and management
Grafana, Prometheus, Fluent Bit, and App Catalog
Advanced Networking Services
Automated deployment of Kubernetes and KubeVirt
Optimized to run VNFs and CNFs in large scale distributed deployments
Automated deployment of OS on Bare Metal
using PXE, IPXE, and IPMI
White Paper: Guide to Optimizing Kubernetes for 5G Environments

Guide to Optimizing Kubernetes for 5G Environments

Overview of 5G use cases and large-scale mobile operator 5G architecture. Technical challenges with running Kubernetes in 5G deployments, alternative approaches, how to overcome the operational complexity, and more.

Advanced Networking

Watch this technical video on how Platform9 simplifies host configuration and automates creation of SRIOV virtual functions that are seamlessly integrated with Kubernetes

5G – Ready Out of the Box

Platform9 provides all the features needed for high-performance 5G network deployments

Advanced Networking

  • Multus, IPV6, and IPAM Support
  • Network accelerators: SRIOV, DPDK, MACvLAN, IPvLAN
  • Host Config Automation

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Centralized Management

  • Single sign-on for distributed infrastructure locations
  • Cluster profiles to ensure consistency of deployment across large number of clusters and customers
  • Centralized management of tooling, APIs, and app catalog to simplify application management at scale

Advanced Resource Binding

  • CPU management: CPU Pinning and NUMA
  • Topology management
  • Monitoring and visibility

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Bare Metal

Full Stack, From Bare Metal

  • Fully automated bare-metal life-cycle management
  • No need for 3rd party hypervisors like VMware

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Benefits of Platform9

Faster Time to Market

Hyper-automation results in faster roll out of 5G network services

Modernize Your Network

Transition to Cloud-Native architecture to simplify and accelerate operations

Lower TCO

99% CapEx and OpEx savings through HW/SW disaggregation and end-to-end automation

5G – Ready Out of the Box

Let’s discuss your 5G infrastructure and cloud-native requirements and how we can together accelerate your 5G implementation timelines and reduce operating costs

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5 Technical Challenges to Optimize Kubernetes for 5G environments


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Thought Leadership

5G and Edge Computing are the new cloud disruptors – welcome to the future!

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