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Platform9 Managed OpenStack Pre-requisites for VMware vSphere

By Platform9

Following are the prerequisites for deploying your Platform9 Managed OpenStack with VMware vSphere: A single VMware vCenter environment – Platform9 requires a vCenter Management server to communicate with your vSphere… Read More

Prepare Images from Scratch in Platform9 vCenter Environment with cloud-init

By Platform9

Cloud-init has emerged to the be de-facto multi-distribution package that handles early initialization of a cloud instance. For more information on cloud-init, refer here: This tutorial describes the steps… Read More

Managing VMware vSphere Templates as Packer Images

By Platform9

For any cloud administrator, one of the essential starting points for managing their cloud deployment is to ensure there is a consistent set of base images from which appropriate instances… Read More

OpenStack Storage Options: Tutorial and Use Cases

By Madhura Maskasky

This OpenStack storage options tutorial reviews different storage options available in OpenStack, and the use cases for each. This will serve as a building block for follow up tutorials that dive deeper… Read More

Platform9 Managed OpenStack Setup Guide for VMware vSphere

By Platform9

Setting up Platform9 OpenStack for VMware vSphere is very easy! Getting your Platform9 private cloud up and running can happen in a matter of minutes! This tutorial will walk you… Read More

OpenStack Neutron Beta Now Available with Platform9

By Platform9

One of the benefits that Platform9 customers most value with our managed cloud offering is the ability to take advantage of new innovations and capabilities without having to shoulder the… Read More

Updating Platform9 VMware vSphere Gateway Credentials

By Platform9

If you specified incorrect credentials to your Platform9 VMware vSphere Gateway Appliance, and need to fix them, following tutorial describes how to do that. Step 1 – Log into Platform9… Read More

Using a vSphere Datastore as Backing for OpenStack Glance Image Catalog

By Platform9

This Tutorial describes steps required for setting up a vSphere Datastore as a backing for your OpenStack Glance Image Catalog in Platform9 Managed OpenStack. Set Up OpenStack Glance: Enabling Glance datastore feature… Read More

OpenStack Cinder Support in Platform9 for VMware

By Platform9

The next release of Platform9’s VMware integration brings OpenStack Cinder support in Platform9 for VMware vSphere environments using VMDK drivers. This exposes the existing datastore as a block storage backend…. Read More

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