Managed KubeVirt

The cloud native Broadcom VMware alternative

Platform9 KubeVirt will save you 50% or more on VMware costs and deliver virtualization and containers side-by-side.

Slash your legacy VM costs in half with Platform9 KubeVirt

Trusted by leading companies

Platform9 SaaS approach reduces your OpEx

See for yourself how much you can save

  Current Time Allocation
With Platform9
Platform9 Saves You
Provisioning 8% 1.2% 85%
Monitoring and Alert Management 10% 3.5% 65%
Troubleshooting & Repairing 12% 4.2% 65%
Software Upgrades and Configurations 12% 1.8% 85%
Security 10% 9% 10%
Business Application Code Promotion 15% 12% 20%
Audits 5% 4.5% 10%
Producing Reports & Data Analysis 8% 7.6% 5%

These savings are estimated using our field-tested TCO model. The data and assumptions are from one example user. Your results will vary based on your environment.

Unlike VMware, our VMs run side by side with containers

A unified platform for virtualized and containerized applications that saves you costs by using the same host, network, and storage.

Unsure of your modernization strategy? Talk to us today.

Reduce transition costs for existing staff

Our modern user interface and familiar terminology improves productivity and minimizes training time.

Get enterprise-grade performance, security, and scale affordably

Experience breakthrough performance and massive scalability compared to a traditional VM solution.

Icon: Performance

Guaranteed performance

Leverage DPDK, SRIOV, and OVS and other built-in features to run your networking processes at line speed. You can pin CPUs to your workloads to guarantee performance.

Icon: Security

Proven security and stability

The solution runs on the tried-and-true KVM hypervisor, which is used by the world’s largest clouds. Ensure reliability and security with live migration, Intel TPM, and built-in HA.

Icon: Scale

Battle tested at scale

Migrate 1000s of your VMs with ease. Our platform has successfully run 40,000 nodes for engineering, continuous integration, and test workloads.

A unified solution for your current and future needs

Unlike VMware, Platform9 offers all of the following features in single, unified solution.

Platform9 KubeVirt features

  • VM HA, Live Migration, Broad Hardware Support
  • I/O Controls, Acceleration and SR-IOV
  • Bare metal OS provisioning, available as a separate offer
  • Single pane mgmt of large scale virtualized environment
  • End user self-service, quotas and limits
  • Seamless management across bare metal, vms, containers

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