Platform9 Managed KubeVirt

Bring your VMs to Kubernetes

The only unified SaaS Managed platform for VMs and containers

Managed KubeVirt

Run Legacy and Cloud-Native Applications on Platform9

VMs & Containers Converged
Single platform reduces complexity and costs
Run VMs natively in Kubernetes using KubeVirt
One-click to add KubevVirt to any cluster and run VMs alongside containers
Upstream Kubernetes & Add-Ons
PMK is a complete K8s platform including monitoring, logging, upgrades, CVE patching and more
On-premises/edge runs on Metal
Complete control from bare metal servers to Kubernetes. Containers and Virtualization

How It Works

Watch this video to get a glimpse of how to enable KubeVirt in Platform9 Managed Kubernetes and then deploy VMs in Kubernetes clusters in a few simple steps.


Icon: Bare Metal

Bare Metal Performance

Applications running on VMs can leverage the performance of bare metal without having to pay a penalty for running on top of a hypervisor.
Icon: Central SaaS Management

Central SaaS Management

Shared visibility, governance, and control across Private, Edge and Public Clouds with guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA.
Icon: Hypervisor

No Hypervisor Costs

Platform9 enables a single license for both containers and VMs.

Use Cases

Enterprise Infrastructure

Don’t let your monolithic apps hold back your cloud-native transformation

  • Import existing VMs to Kubernetes
  • Reduce network latency by running everything in Kubernetes
  • Streamline your developer experience with a single API for VMs and containers
  • Leverage cloud-native tooling (e.g CI/CD) for your VMs

Edge Infrastructure

Unified management of VMs, containers, and bare metal at the Edge

  • Modernize your edge infrastructure for containers while running your existing VMs
  • Remotely provision  bare metal and Kubernetes clusters with a single click
  • Leverage our SaaS APIs to automate your VM and container application deployment

Telco / 5G Edge

Don’t let OpenStack or VMware slow down your 5G journey

  • Migrate non-containerized applications into Kubernetes immediately
  • Operate a single stack for 5G delivery
  • Deploy using Platform9 network operator for complex networking and line speed performance (SR-IOV, DPDK, etc)
KubeVirt: How to Run VMs on Kubernetes

KubeVirt: How to Run VMs on Kubernetes

This overview of KubeVirt and its benefits includes technical details about architecture and deployment options spanning storage, networking, data import capabilities, and more.

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