Keeping up with cloud native is hard

Kubernetes and CNCF add-ons are always changing. Complexity and scale are growing by the day.
And there is no talent to handle it.

Platform9 helps you focus on compelling customer experiences instead of fixing infrastructure issues.

Platform9 Overview

Join the Ranks of Modern Cloud Platform Teams

Juniper Networks

Platform9 awarded six G2 awards for container orchestration

Our platform’s goal is to accelerate our customers’ cloud-native journey. We are grateful for our users’ continued support, which has resulted in us receiving 4.8/5 stars and winning these six G2 awards.

Platform9's G2 Awards: Fall 2022

Platform9 ranked #1 in GigaOM’s Radar report for Managed Kubernetes

Platform9 named a GigaOM’s Radar report for Managed Kubernetes

Generate Competitive Advantage from Cloud-Native

Fewer than 25% of cloud initiatives meet their time to market and cost goals1.
Platform9 provides an open alternative to the public cloud and a faster alternative to DIY.

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Transform to Cloud-Native 4x Faster

See how Juniper accelerated its transformation.
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Cut Operational Burden by Up to 90%

See how Norna freed up their team to focus on their core apps.
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Maximize Freedom and Flexibility

See how Mavenir went cloud-native, while being cloud agnostic.
[1] McKinsey & Company, October 2021, “Cloud-migration opportunity: Business value grows, but missteps abound”

Open Distributed Cloud Service

Deliver centrally managed open source cloud-native services to distributed infrastructure with a SaaS control plane


distributed nodes


monitoring events daily


Before Platform9
After Platform9

A Better Way To Run Kubernetes & Cloud-Native Services

Platform9 works with your infrastructure to create cloud-native clusters instantly. Clusters come built in with monitoring and log aggregation, and integrate with all your existing tools, so you can focus just on building apps.

Leading Enterprises Take The Fast Track to Cloud-Native with Platform9

Our new application roll-out time has decreased from several days or weeks to minutes or hours. Redfin developers can now experiment with existing applications and create new microservices blazingly fast.
Anna Bates Engineering Manager, RedFin Redfin


Faster App Roll Out

We are AI specialists, we cannot have in-house talent spending time becoming production-K8s experts.
Jonas Saric CEO/Founder, Norna Norna


TCO Reduction

If we tried to implement Kubernetes ourselves, it would have added another 6 to 12 months to reach our current production stage with global deployments around the world.
Ravi Ramachandran VP DevOps, Juniper Juniper Networks


Faster Time to Market

Running workloads in public clouds can cost 4x what our private cloud costs, that’s why we have one! Using Platform9 on-premises, we add new services and fix issues in minutes and consistently avoid racking up substantial public cloud fees.
Senior IT Manager, Data Services Company


Cost Savings vs Public Cloud

Platform9 Recognized by Leading Analysts


Platform9 Named A “Representative Vendor” in 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Container Management


Platform9 Named “A Strong Performer” in the 2020 Multi-Cloud Container Development Platforms Wave report


Platform9 Named a “Leader” in GigaOm 2022 Radar for Managed Kubernetes Solutions — Outperforming Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure


#1 user ranked Managed Kubernetes service on G2 with 4.8/5 rating

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Executive Brief

The Power of Public Clouds — on Infrastructure of Your Choice

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