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Kubernetes FinOps: Elastic Machine Pool Step-by-Step guide : Part 2

By Joe Thompson

If you’ve finished going through Part 1 of this post and are now back with a fresh beverage, welcome back.  If everything went well in the previous steps, you now... Read More

Kubernetes FinOps: Elastic Machine Pool(EMP) Step-by-Step guide : Part 1

By Joe Thompson

In previous blog posts and articles, we’ve laid out some of the issues operators encounter with optimizing Kubernetes utilization, and how our Elastic Machine Pool product comprehensively solves those issues... Read More

FinOps: Applying Earned Value Management to maximize ROI

By Chris Jones

One of the greatest strengths of FinOps is its ability to focus on driving business value. However, many teams, especially engineering teams, struggle to directly connect their work and their... Read More

Top 8 predictions for FinOps X 2024

By Chris Jones

As we are just a few days away from the much-anticipated FinOps X 2024 edition, I thought it would be interesting to share my insights on what we might expect... Read More

Top 6 FinOps KPIs for EKS  

By Chris Jones

The FinOps foundation is a treasure trove of useful frameworks, guides and importantly KPIs and I would recommend everyone dive in and explore. However, sometimes frameworks, guides and KPIs can... Read More

Kubernetes FinOps: Java memory management in containerized environments

By Joe Thompson

If you’ve spent much time working in the enterprise application space lately, either as a developer or an operator, you’ve probably run across Java applications in containerized environments like Kubernetes.... Read More

VMware vs OpenStack: Why OpenStack is the better VMware alternative in 2024

By Kamesh Pemmaraju

In this blog post, we will cover the following VMware vs. OpenStack topics: Why now is the time to look for VMware alternatives? Common alternatives to VMware: A quick comparison... Read More

Kubernetes FinOps: Comparing Platform9 Elastic Machine Pool to the Karpenter Autoscaler for EKS

By Joe Thompson

A popular tool in today’s FinOps landscape for managing EKS clusters is the Karpenter autoscaler.  Created at AWS, Karpenter has more capabilities than simple “0 to N” autoscaling – in... Read More

Java app performance over the decades

By Chris Jones

In 2008, I had my first encounter with performance monitoring. Back then it was Systems Management, and I was using BMC Patrol! By 2010 we had entered Application Performance Management.... Read More

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