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Tag: SSO using SaaS

Using OpenStack CLI with SAML authentication

By Mike Petersen

This tutorial describes how to utilize the OpenStack CLI (Command Line Interface) clients with SAML single-sign on user credentials. Platform9 managed OpenStack supports integration with federated identity management systems that… Read More

Configure SAML SSO with OneLogin

By Mike Petersen

Platform9 supports Single Sign-on with OneLogin. This tutorial describes the procedure for configuring the Platform9 application within OneLogin. Step 1. Add Platform9 app from OneLogin App Catalog Login to OneLogin… Read More

Enable SSO with Okta for Platform9 Managed OpenStack cloud

By Teja Sapre

Platform9 supports single sign-on (SSO) with Okta. As an Okta administrator, you can enable SSO through Okta for other users in the organization. This enables the users to sign in to Platform9 Managed… Read More

Integrating Single Sign-On (SSO) Support with OpenStack Keystone

By Madhura Maskasky

This tutorial describes how to integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) support into Platform9 Managed OpenStack. Supported Identity Providers Platform9 currently supports the following SSO integrations: Google G Suite Okta OneLogin Microsoft… Read More

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