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OpenStack Designate: Enabling DNS as a Service

By Platform9

OpenStack Designate ― an open source project under the OpenStack umbrella ― provides DNS as a Service (DNSaaS) in OpenStack. It provides a standard, open API that can be used… Read More

Platform9 Distributed Keystone Architecture

By Platform9

In Platform9’s 2.5 release (February 2017), we’ve made some major changes to the way we’re deploying keystone, and we’re on our way to making keystone more scalable and highly available…. Read More

OpenStack Keystone Federation Setup

By Platform9

As enterprises get more comfortable with the idea of hybrid cloud and multi-clouds, it has become critical to seamlessly manage user identities, and provide access to resources, across multiple clouds…. Read More

Integrating Single Sign-On (SSO) Support with OpenStack Keystone

By Madhura Maskasky

This tutorial describes how to integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) support into Platform9 Managed OpenStack. Supported Identity Providers Platform9 currently supports the following SSO integrations: Google G Suite Okta OneLogin Microsoft… Read More

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