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Installing OpenStack CLI Client on CentOS 7

By Platform9

You must have Python 2.7 and Python pip installed on your CentOS 7 host before you can install OpenStack CLI. Python is available, by default, on a CentOS 7 host…. Read More

Neutron prerequisites for CentOS

By Platform9

This OpenStack tutorial describes prerequisites to prepare your servers to leverage OpenStack Neutron with CentOS Linux/KVM. For a general description of Neutron networking concepts, refer to this Tutorial: Networking with… Read More

Preparing a CentOS or RHEL 7 system for running Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

By Platform9

Before you can run Platform9 Managed Kubernetes, you must prepare your CentOS or RHEL machine for it. Read through and follow the general requirements checklist related to the memory and… Read More

Preparing A CentOS Server For Platform9 Managed OpenStack

By Platform9

This document describes how prepare a CentOS Linux physical server to be added to Platform9 Managed OpenStack. Step 1 – Install CentOS Operating System Make sure that your server is configured appropriately… Read More

Setup Linux Network Bridges on CentOS for Nova Networking

By Platform9

If you’re using Platform9 Managed OpenStack with Nova Networking, Platform9 requires one or more Linux bridges on your Linux servers. The network bridges are used in networking for Virtual Machines…. Read More

Manually Prepare a CentOS Server with KVM Virtualization

By Platform9

This tutorial describes how to manually prepare a CentOS physical server with KVM virtualization, and other auxiliary packages. NOTE: When you deploy a Platform9 agent on your CentOS physical server,… Read More

Create a CentOS Virtual Machine Image using RedHat’s Virtual Machine Manager

By Platform9

This tutorial describes how to populate your Platform9 private cloud image store with CentOS images, using RedHat’s Virtual Machine Manager. In general, there are three basic ways to get started with… Read More

Create a CentOS Virtual Machine Image from Scratch

By Platform9

There are multiple ways to create a CentOS image compatible with OpenStack Glance image repository. You can: Download a pre-built image from RedHat RDO: (default user is ‘centos’ on… Read More

Tutorial: How to set up an NFS Server on CentOS

By Platform9

You can convert a plain CentOS machine into an NFS server by installing the NFS Linux packages and configuring access to the shared directories. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to… Read More

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