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Installing OpenStack CLI Client on Docker

By Platform9

You can run the required OpenStack commands directly on a Docker Container. For this, you must download the OpenStack CLI Docker container. Note: You must first install Docker on the… Read More

Installing OpenStack CLI on Windows

By Platform9

Before you can install OpenStack CLI on Windows, you must install Python 2.7 and Microsoft Visual C++ compiler for Python, on the Windows host. Download the Python 2.7 installer and the… Read More

Installing OpenStack CLI Client on Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04

By Platform9

Before you install OpenStack CLI, you must install Python and the required compiler packages on Ubuntu. Follow the steps given below to install Python and the required compiler packages. Update… Read More

Installing OpenStack CLI Client on CentOS 7

By Platform9

You must have Python 2.7 and Python pip installed on your CentOS 7 host before you can install OpenStack CLI. Python is available, by default, on a CentOS 7 host…. Read More

Managing Multiple Clouds with OpenStack CLI

By Platform9

When you work with multiple OpenStack clouds, you could be working across multiple projects, regions, and/or Keystone API versions within a given cloud. Additionally, you may have to maintain separate… Read More

Providing Access to OpenStack CLI through a Proxy Server

By Platform9

You can make the OpenStack command line interface (CLI) accessible through a proxy server. To provide access to the OpenStack CLI through a proxy server, you must first set the… Read More

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