Bringing a SaaS-powered Unified Cloud to Australia and New Zealand with Intersect

Today we’ve announced a partnership with research accelerator Intersect to offer Platform9 hybrid cloud services throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Intersect is Australia’s largest full-service eResearch support agency, helping scientific, university, government and research institutes accelerate their impact through innovative technologies and expert advice for over a decade. This partnership provides research organizations and large enterprises in Australia and NZ a proven path to accelerate cloud adoption and modernize IT infrastructure with the leading SaaS-managed hybrid cloud platform that ensures 99.9% SLA without operational burden.

Marc Bailey, CEO of Intersect, told us: “For Intersect, Platform9 represents the single most strategic solution to a set of challenges we see emerging across the board, as organizations come to terms with the post-cloud reality of infrastructure-as-a-service. The proliferation of competing clouds and onsite virtualization, the desire to avoid repeating vendor lock-in mistakes of the past, the complexity of scalable elasticity, the burden of data security and the desire to offer self-service are what keep CIOs up at night across Australia and New Zealand. Our quest to solve these problems for our stakeholders and beyond led us to a clearly differentiated answer: Platform9.

Our partnership with Intersect is an important step in our company growth strategy. We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for our solution in Australia and New Zealand. We were impressed by Intersect’s vision, technical expertise, and the trust they have established amongst their sophisticated customer base. We’re excited to cement our partnership, in order to deliver the experience of “hybrid cloud that just works” to the region.

Read the announcement to learn more.


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