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Platform9 Always-on Assurance

Kubernetes, the leading container orchestration platform, is now an essential component of modern application development and deployment. However, its management can be complex and intimidating, especially given the rapid pace of updates, security challenges, and the need for high availability. Businesses require a solution that not only simplifies Kubernetes management but also ensures that their environments are constantly monitored, secure, and up to date. This is where Platform9’s Always-On Assurance™ comes into play, providing a safety net for businesses navigating the complexities of Kubernetes.

What is Platform9’s Always-On Assurance™?

Platform9’s Always-On Assurance™ is a comprehensive suite of tools that integrates automated monitoring, alerting, zero-touch upgrading, security management, and proactive troubleshooting to ensure the uninterrupted operation and guaranteed SLAs of Kubernetes clusters. It is designed to address the Day-One and Day-Two challenges that businesses face in their Kubernetes journey.

Day-One Solutions

The journey with Platform9 begins from day one of Kubernetes adoption. Platform9 understands the initial challenges that organizations face and provides an infrastructure-agnostic platform that supports multiple environments such as Bare Metal, Azure, GCP, and AWS. This adaptability ensures that businesses can select the best environment for their specific requirements. Platform9 also provides guided onboarding and customization, making the initial setup and deployment of Kubernetes clusters simple and tailored to specific business requirements.

Data integrity and resilience are critical components of the Day-One setup. Platform9 configures systems to automatically backup critical Kubernetes components, particularly the etcd database. These backups are scheduled on a regular basis and stored in secure, off-cluster locations for added data security. This setup provides businesses with the assurance that their data is safe and can be easily restored in case of emergencies.

Day-Two and Beyond – Operational Complexity Solutions

Businesses face ongoing operational complexities as they grow beyond the initial setup. Platform9’s Always-On Assurance™ plays a pivotal role in solving these challenges. It includes the Platform9 SaaS Management Plane and Catapult Remote Monitoring as part of a comprehensive architecture that supports this assurance.

Platform9 SaaS Management Plane

The SaaS Management Plane is pivotal to Platform9’s Always-On Assurance™. It functions as a centralized management system for customer Kubernetes clusters located anywhere, with advanced remote monitoring built in. This integration offers comprehensive oversight of cluster performance and health, enabling end-users to manage the lifecycle of their Kubernetes clusters efficiently. The management plane supports RBAC and multi-tenancy, which ensures isolated environments, security, and efficient resource utilization.

Diagram: Platform9 SaaS Management Plane

Read more about this unique architecture here.

Catapult Remote Monitoring

Catapult is Platform9’s advanced remote monitoring system that uses technologies like Cortex and Prometheus to provide comprehensive monitoring of customer Kubernetes clusters no matter where they are located: edge, public cloud regions, data centers, and colocation centers. It proactively identifies potential issues, automatically generates alerts, and creates tickets in the Platform9 support management system. This enables Platform9 support engineers to respond proactively to alerts and frequently resolve issues before customers are even aware of them, significantly improving system reliability.

Platform9's Always-On Assurance

Ensuring Data Privacy and Compliance

Data security is critical when managing Kubernetes clusters. Platform9 protects data privacy and compliance by storing monitoring data in encrypted buckets and collecting logs from management components rather than customer environments. This method protects data confidentiality and prevents unauthorized access while allowing for collaborative and consent-based troubleshooting when necessary.

Effortless Evolution with Kubernetes Upgrades

One of Platform9’s standout features is its zero-touch upgrade capability. This feature allows customers to upgrade their Kubernetes clusters, SaaS management plane, and host agents with minimal operational burden. Platform9 ensures that customers always have access to the most recent stability, security, and innovations without the need for complicated manual upgrades.

Proving Efficacy: 97.2% Resolution Without Escalation

Platform9 takes a proactive and efficient approach to problem resolution. Approximately 65% of Zendesk issues are tickets generated automatically by the monitoring infrastructure. This high rate of proactive issue identification and resolution reflects Platform9’s commitment to addressing potential issues before they escalate. Furthermore, the majority of the remaining 35% of customer-submitted tickets are about “how to do something,” which Platform9 also provides as part of its focus on customer education and empowerment.

World-class proactive Support with 100% CKA certified staff

Platform9’s support system is built on a foundation of certified expertise and collaborative culture. Platform9 ensures skilled problem-solving and critical security management by certifying all Kubernetes support engineers as Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA) and many as Certified Kubernetes Security (CKS). This expert team collaborates closely with customers, guiding them through issues and onboarding processes while acting as an extension of their team.

Navigating an etcd Deletion Crisis: A Customer Situation

A practical example of Platform9’s expertise can be found in a case where a customer accidentally deleted their etcd cluster. Platform9’s quick and effective response in restoring the etcd cluster exemplifies the dependability and resilience of its Kubernetes management services, thanks to its robust backup and recovery processes.

Rely on Platform9’s Always-On Assurance™, for an effortless Kubernetes experience

We have your back 24x7x365. Platform9’s Always-On Assurance™ is more than a promise; it’s a reality backed by cutting-edge technology, extensive expertise, and a team of certified professionals. It symbolizes our unwavering commitment to supporting businesses in the ever-evolving Kubernetes landscape. Platform9 is an essential partner for organizations navigating the complexities of cloud-native technologies, thanks to sophisticated solutions, a proactive approach, and a collaborative ethos.

With Platform9, you can embrace the future of Kubernetes management. Experience the peace of mind that comes with Always-On Assurance™.  You can read the detailed approach in our white paper.


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