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Platform9 Introduces Elastic Machine Pool (EMP) at KubeCon 2023 to Optimize Costs on AWS EKS

By Platform9

In the world of cloud-native technologies and container orchestration, Kubernetes stands out as a leading choice. However, as organizations increasingly adopt Kubernetes, they face challenges related to cost optimization and... Read More

Getting to know Nate Conger: A candid conversation

By Platform9

Nate brings over two decades of technology experience, first in initial roles as a developer and sales engineer, and following as a sales executive for the last fifteen years. Nate... Read More

Platform9 at the Edge Computing Expo North America 2023

By Platform9

Are you interested in learning more about edge computing and how it can transform your business? Do you want to hear from experts and industry leaders on the latest trends... Read More

Argo CD vs Tekton vs Jenkins X: Finding the Right GitOps Tooling

By Platform9

Introduction In this article, we’re going to take a look at three different CI/CD tools that have grown in popularity over the last couple of years: Argo CD, Tekton, and... Read More

The Goldilocks Guide to going cloud native: How to find the perfect fit

By Platform9

Cloud native isn’t a destination. It’s a journey – just like many of the fables and fairy tales we were told as children. And just like these stories where the... Read More

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