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Watch My GeekWire Talk: Not Your Mother’s Cloud – Best Practices for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Last week I had the honor of speaking at GeekWire’s Cloud Tech Summit in Bellevue, WA.

The event was a huge success, featuring a full day of talks, interviews, and presentations that painted a clearer picture of this fast-changing world. The programming had a great selection of talks around the issues that are relevant and top of the mind for developers and IT Ops alike – from AI and Machine Learning, Serverless, DevOps and containers, Hybrid Cloud, and more.

You can watch the recording of my talk below to get up to speed on best practices for designing an enterprise hybrid cloud that can grow with you (and that’s not a pain to set up!).

Not Your Mother’s Cloud: Best Practices for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

From On-prem, Cloud, Containers, and Beyond.

To enable their developers, ensure SLAs and increase IT efficiency, Enterprise IT is moving towards a unified, centralized approach for managing their hybrid infrastructure. As if the journey to the cloud – private and public – was not difficult enough, the need to support modern technologies such as Containers and Serverless applications further complicates matters.

This talk covers key patterns and lessons learned from large organizations for architecting your hybrid cloud in a way that:

  1. Supports self-service, “public cloud” experience for your developers that’s consistent across any infrastructure.
  2. Gives Ops peace of mind with automated management of DR, scaling, provisioning, deployments, etc.
  3. Goes beyond VMs, to future-proof your solution to support Containers, Serverless, and what’s coming next
  4. Improves CAPEX and OPEX across the board, and gets you to a deployable, scalable solution without having to spend years re-architecturing or developing complex integrations.

Watch the recording:

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