IP Address Assignment Fails for Scientific Linux 6.x – cloud-init version 0.7.4

Scientific Linux 6.x EPEL supports cloud-init version 0.7.4. This version of cloud-init has two known issues related to IP assignment to virtual machines (VM).

a) Parse error for ifcfg-eth0 – If the image or snapshot that the VM is being created from has existing static network configuration, cloud-init may not assign it a new IP address due to an error parsing its network interfaces.

b) Network assignment fails if the network is already up [1] [2] – if after booting up a VM already has an IP address assigned to it, cloud-init fails to re-assign a new IP address to the VM.

The attached update to cloud-init 0.7.4 (cloud-init-0.7.4-2.noarch.rpm) addresses both these issues.

You will need to first uninstall any existing version of cloud-init installed on your VM, before installing the provided rpm. Follow these instructions for that process:

[code lang=”bash”]yum erase cloud-init
yum install ./cloud-init-0.7.4-2.noarch.rpm[/code]

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