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IP Address Assignment Fails for Scientific Linux 6.x – cloud-init version 0.7.4

By Vamsi Chemitiganti

Scientific Linux 6.x EPEL supports cloud-init version 0.7.4. This version of cloud-init has two known issues related to IP assignment to virtual machines (VM). a) Parse error for ifcfg-eth0 –… Read More

Setup Linux Network Bridges on Ubuntu for Nova Networking

By Vamsi Chemitiganti

If you’re using Platform9 Managed OpenStack with Nova Networking, Platform9 requires that you have configured one or more network bridges in order for it to discover networking for your servers…. Read More

Enabling Advanced Remote Support on Linux Hosts Managed by Platform9 Host Agent

By Vamsi Chemitiganti

By default, members of the Platform9 support team cannot interactively log onto a customer’s Linux host. In exceptional circumstances, it is sometimes useful to enable the advanced remote support (ARS)… Read More

Platform9 Managed OpenStack Setup Guide for Linux/KVM

By Vamsi Chemitiganti

This OpenStack Tutorial will walk you through steps to get your Platform9 Managed OpenStack up and running for Linux/KVM environments. Pre-requisites This tutorial describes the Prerequisites for Getting Started with… Read More

Automated Installation of Platform9 OpenStack Host Agent on Hosts

By Vamsi Chemitiganti

A Platform9 Managed OpenStack Account comes with a host agent that must be downloaded and deployed on each of your physical servers/hosts in order to make them part of your… Read More

File System Resize Issues with Scientific Linux 6.x – Cloud-init 0.7.4

By Vamsi Chemitiganti

This article describes the process to prepare your Scientific Linux virtual machine image, for file system resize to work. NOTE: This process has been testing with Scientific Linux version 6.6…. Read More

Platform9 1.2 Release Notes

By Vamsi Chemitiganti

Platform9 Release 1.2 features several enhancements and bug fixes. The salient features of this release include: 1. VM Console support in Platform9 Clicking on any Virtual Machine instance now provides… Read More

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