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OpenStack Deployment Models: Summary of Pros and Cons

By Vijay Dwivedi

As OpenStack interest and mindshare grows rapidly, the question of how to deploy an OpenStack private cloud is foremost in the minds of cloud architects and IT operations teams.  This infographic... Read More

Docker Takes a Page from the Internet Explorer Playbook

By Sirish Raghuram

In the late 90s, I had a short-sighted reaction to Microsoft bundling Internet Explorer with the Windows OS. While the technology world grappled with the legalities, ethics and impact to... Read More

Containers as a Service with Platform9 Managed Kubernetes for Docker

By Madhura Maskasky

There are two reasons we’ve always been excited about Docker, containers and Kubernetes. Enabling a True Multi-Cloud Deployment For the past decade, it has been difficult to make application development (using virtualized... Read More

How to Install OpenStack Using OpenStack-Ansible

By Vijay Dwivedi

One of the great things about OpenStack is all the options you have for deploying it. A recent blog  mentioned various deployment models – and the flowchart below may help as you decide... Read More

OpenStack Keystone Authentication using Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS)

By Vijay Dwivedi

In earlier OpenStack Keystone configuration blogs we discussed how to setup Keystone authentication using LDAP and using Active Directory. As an extension of this OpenStack Keystone tutorial series on directory... Read More

OpenStack Keystone Single Sign-On (SSO) Setup

By Vijay Dwivedi

In an earlier blog, we discussed how to setup Federated Identity for Openstack Keystone so that a Service Provider (SP) Keystone instance can hand off authentication to an external service,... Read More

OpenStack Keystone Federation Setup

By Vijay Dwivedi

As enterprises get more comfortable with the idea of hybrid cloud and multi-clouds, it has become critical to seamlessly manage user identities, and provide access to resources, across multiple clouds.... Read More

OpenStack Keystone Authentication using Active Directory (AD)

By Vijay Dwivedi

A previous blog gave an overview of how to configure Keystone with LDAP. Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is another very popular directory service for many enterprises. This article gives an... Read More

OpenStack Keystone Authentication Using LDAP

By Vijay Dwivedi

Keystone is a OpenStack project that implements OpenStack’s identity API and provides authentication and authorization services to identify users of the OpenStack cloud. It also provides a catalog of all... Read More

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