Kubernetes & Containers: A New Era for DevOps (Webinar)

We are on the cusp of a new era of application development software: instead of bolting on operations as an after-thought to the software development process, Kubernetes promises to bring development and operations together by design. This new open source container cluster manager provides platform automation for deployment, scaling and management of application containers and clusters. With declarative, infrastructure-agnostic constructs to describe how applications are composed, interact and managed, Kubernetes promises an order of magnitude increase in operability of modern software systems. In this webinar, Sirish Raghuram, Co-founder and CEO of Platform9, discusses why Kubernetes matters and the advantages it can provide to DevOps.

To compare Kubernetes with other container orchestration tools, see these blogs comparing it with Apache Mesos, Docker Swarm and Amazon ECS.

Platform9 is the open source-as-a-service company that delivers leading open-source frameworks, such as OpenStack and Kubernetes as managed services, which means extreme ease of use coupled with production-ready SLAs for your infrastructure. If you’d like to try out our SaaS Managed Kubernetes solution, please check out our free trial.

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