Platform9 1.4.0 Release Notes

What’s New!

Platform9 Release 1.4 features several feature enhancements and bug fixes. The salient features of this release include:

1. OpenStack Neutron Support (Beta)

Platform9 is happy to announce advanced networking support using OpenStack Neutron. Support for Neutron is available on the Linux/KVM using Open vSwitch and on VMware vSphere using Distributed Virtual Switch. The feature is currently in beta and enabled for few interested customers. If you would like to participate in the beta, please contact platform9 customer support.


2. Support for Orchestration using  OpenStack Heat

With this release, we’ve now enabled OpenStack Heat orchestration service. Using the Heat service you can create ‘stacks’ which are application blueprints made up of multiple virtual machines linked together to form an application like a LAMP stack.


3. Event and Alarms using OpenStack Ceilometer

Using OpenStack Ceilometer service now, you can view events associated with your Virtual Machine or Hosts. These events are useful for auditing purpose and also form the basis of ‘alarms’ that can be enabled/disabled for conditions such as a host disconnecting.


4. Cluster Aggregation Support via Host Aggregates for VMware vSphere

With release 1.4.0 Platform9 now supports cluster aggregation. This will help customers associate tags with a set of clusters and drive placement based upon tags.

The feature works very similar to the host aggregation feature on the KVM side of the product and the same API can be used to drive the feature for both vSphere and KVM.


5. Support for vSphere 6.0

Along with the above-mentioned features, this release includes support for vSphere 6.0; vSphere 5.5 and 5.1 are already supported.

Known Issues

Here are important known issues for 1.4.0:

  • Bug #3902: IP address discovery for VMs fail when bonded network is in use.
  • Bug #4000: Installer will hang if tty is not enabled for the remote login user.
  • Bug #3991: By default the UI only shows 1000 VMs.
  • Bug #3715: Libvirtd hang can result in VM operation getting stuck.
  • Bug #3177: VM provisioning beyond quota results in improper error message.
  • Bug #3124: Attachment of multiple volumes fails on discovered VMs.
  • Bug #3716: Images remain on datastore after appliance removal and are not discovered again on subsequent discovery.

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