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Changes to Telemetry in OpenStack Newton Release

By Platform9

With the OpenStack Newton release, telemetry has been split up into three different services for metrics, alarms and events. Platform9 Managed OpenStack supports the new alarm service, aodh, and the… Read More

Configuring Multiple OpenStack Regions

By Platform9

Overview Platform9 Managed OpenStack enables administrators to manage multiple regions as part of their OpenStack cloud infrastructure. Datacenter resources in separate regions are managed by distinct sets of OpenStack management services (Nova/Glance/Cinder, etc.) but… Read More

Platform9 1.4.0 Release Notes

By Platform9

What’s New! Platform9 Release 1.4 features several feature enhancements and bug fixes. The salient features of this release include: 1. OpenStack Neutron Support (Beta) Platform9 is happy to announce advanced… Read More

OpenStack Neutron Beta Now Available with Platform9

By Platform9

One of the benefits that Platform9 customers most value with our managed cloud offering is the ability to take advantage of new innovations and capabilities without having to shoulder the… Read More

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