Platform9 1.3.0 Release Notes

Whats New!

Platform9 Release 1.3 features several feature enhancements and bug fixes. The salient features of this release include:

1. Support for Advance Block Storage Integration with Cinder

With this release, we’ve now enabled OpenStack Cinder block storage service to add persistent storage volumes to VM instances. The Cinder Block Storage Service allows you to:

  • Create of Independent Volumes
  • Take volume snapshots
  • Boot VMs from volumes and attach/detach volumes to VMs


2. Image Catalog (Glance) Enhancements

The OpenStack Glance image catalog support has been enhanced to add the following functionality:

  • Upload images to the catalog directly via Glance API or CLI client. The upload functionality via API is now supported in addition to the currently supported mechanism of copying images to the designated Glance image catalog folder.
  • Delete/manipulate Images in the catalog via Glance API or CLI client

Please refer to this support article for more info on Glance enhancements.

3. UI Support of Pagination

The Platform9 Clarity UI now supports a page-based view for virtual machines and hosts. This is a useful feature for customers running a large number of hypervisors or VMs, as it make it easy to view the content in the UI.


Known Issues

Here are important known issues for 1.3.0:

  • Bug #3611:Hostnames are not updated when the hostname of the hypervisor changes.
  • Bug #3567:If the Glance API Server (host with Image Library role) changes IP it is not updated.
  • Bug #3124:For ‘discovered instances attachment of multiple ‘Cinder’ volumes fails.

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