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Integrating SolidFire with Cinder Block Storage

By Platform9

You can integrate SolidFire to work with Cinder block storage in Platform9 Managed OpenStack. You must specify the login credentials for SolidFire in the Clarity UI when you authorize a… Read More

Setting Cinder Storage Credentials On Premises

By Platform9

This article explains how to set storage appliance credentials to your block storage node. Prerequisites You must have a Cinder block storage node authorized and connected. Step 1 Log in… Read More

Configure Multiple Storage Backends in Cinder

By Platform9

This article explains how to configure a block storage node with multiple storage backends. Prerequisites Authorize a host with the Block Storage role before continuing this tutorial. You may select any… Read More

Platform9 1.5 Release Notes

By Roopak Parikh

Platform9 Release 1.5 features several feature enhancements and bug fixes. Salient features of this release include: Multi-Region Support Platform9 now supports the ability to have multiple regions, managed as a… Read More

Configuring Multiple OpenStack Regions

By Platform9

Overview Platform9 Managed OpenStack enables administrators to manage multiple regions as part of their OpenStack cloud infrastructure. Datacenter resources in separate regions are managed by distinct sets of OpenStack management services (Nova/Glance/Cinder, etc.) but… Read More

Hello Austin! Platform9 at Tech Field Day 2016

By Platform9

It’s Tech Field Day 2016, where Platform9 CEO Sirish Raghuram and Chief Architect Bich Le presented on Wednesday February 3, 2016 from 9:30am-11:30am Central Time. Agenda includes deep dives into Platform9… Read More

Cinder Volume Type Metadata Tutorial

By Platform9

Platform9’s Volume Type Metadata is another name for OpenStack Cinder’s Volume Type Extra Specs. Cinder Volume Extra Specs are vendor and driver supplied metadata. Users can use these as extra… Read More

OpenStack Cinder Metadata: attached-mode and readonly

By Platform9

When you attach a volume to an instance, Cinder automatically adds the attached_mode and readonly key-value pairs to the volume. These tags describe the state of the volume and are… Read More

OpenStack Storage Options: Tutorial and Use Cases

By Madhura Maskasky

This OpenStack storage options tutorial reviews different storage options available in OpenStack, and the use cases for each. This will serve as a building block for follow up tutorials that dive deeper… Read More

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