Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Platform9 Managed OpenStack is a SaaS solution based on OpenStack.
You provide the systems, we provide hybrid cloud solutions as a service.

Similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Platform9 is as easy as signing up and getting right to work. The big difference is that AWS relies on hardware and infrastructure wholly owned and controlled by Amazon. By contrast, Platform9’s hybrid cloud architecture uses servers, storage, and virtualization environments that you own and control, wherever they may happen to be. Our OpenStack-based orchestration layer delivers full private cloud automation, enabling self-service and and many other use cases within minutes at any scale.

Managed Service Providers

Realize Hybrid Cloud Faster

Multi-hypervisor Manager

DevOps Automation

Cloud Visibility and Control

Infrastructure Cost Reduction

Self-Service Provisioning


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Platform9 Managed OpenStack:
How Our Private Cloud Architecture Works

Platform9's private cloud solution delivers value to enterprise IT.


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Platform9 leverages your on-premises server infrastructure, pooling resources in a single data center or across multiple regions. IT sets policies and quotas, and creates libraries of images and templates to enable controlled consumption of resources. Platform9’s friendly user interface makes it easy for developers and other end users to help themselves to the resources they need within the limits set by IT.

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Managed Service = Measurable Benefits

Platform9's Hybrid cloud solution delivers value to enterprise IT.


Reduced operating expense (OpEx) through streamlined private cloud management.

Reduced capital expense (CapEx) through reduced infrastructure costs and greater utilization of existing assets.

Faster time-to-market through improved developer productivity and accelerated release cycles.


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