Run EKS workloads on 50% fewer nodes with Elastic Machine Pool

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Are you struggling with CPU and memory utilization rates below 30% in your EKS clusters, despite your best efforts? Discover how to automatically elevate your efficiency game with Elastic Machine Pool (EMP).

In this demo video, you’ll see first-hand how EMP’s unique virtualization-based approach can:

  1. Achieve over 50% resource utilization – EMP’s innovative use of AWS bare metal and VM-based over-provisioning and live migration capabilities eliminate the bin-packing overhead that plagues traditional EKS deployments.
  2. Eliminate the need for resource tuning – Say goodbye to constantly tweaking pod requests and limits. EMP handles all of that automatically, freeing up your team to focus on building great products.
  3. Deliver demonstrable ROI in days – You’ll see the potential for up to 50% cost savings on your EKS bills, with no upfront fees or licenses. With our unique pricing model, you only pay for what you save.

This video resource is available below.

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