How to rapidly evaluate Managed Kubernetes Solutions

How to rapidly evaluate Managed Kubernetes Solutions

Save months of research using GigaOm’s comprehensive and objective evaluation framework.

Are you part of a team responsible for containerization strategy and implementation? Are you evaluating managed Kubernetes solutions? And  finding it too complex and time-consuming to select a solution?If so, this webinar is for you! Learn about how to:

  • Apply a proven Kubernetes evaluation framework by GigaOm
  • Save months of research and evaluation
  • Present a compelling technical and business case

Join us as we review GigaOm’s  11 critical evaluation criteria. With this information, you can figure out what managed Kubernetes solution:

  • Is best fit for your business   
  • Is most cost-effective
  • Will ensure your success

We will also explore why and how Platform9 was ranked #1 for Managed Kubernetes solutions

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