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EKS Cost Optimization Guide

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Are you harnessing the full potential of Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) without spending too much?
Amazon EKS offers a robust platform for running Kubernetes applications seamlessly on AWS. But, as many enterprises are discovering, without a strategic approach to cost management, the expenses associated with EKS can escalate quickly, especially with the EC2 instances used as worker nodes.

How this White Paper benefits you?
As your organization leans more into AWS EKS, understanding and implementing cost optimization becomes crucial. This is not just about cutting costs; it’s about smart resource management and maximizing return on investment. Our white paper is your roadmap to cost-efficient, scalable, and robust AWS EKS deployment.

Here’s what you’ll uncover in our expert guide:

  • EKS Cost Optimization Best Practices: 
  • Understand Your Spend
  • Efficient Node & Pod Auto-Scaling
  • Node Taints and Tolerations
  • Container Registry & Images
  • Spot Instances
  • Pod Disruption Budgets
  • AWS Instance Scheduler
  • AWS Graviton Instances
  • GP3 Volumes
  • AWS Commitment Based Discounts
  • Tuning Recommendations:
  • Right Size Resources
  • Summary

By applying the best practices outlined in this white paper, you’ll not only manage your expenses more effectively but also enhance the overall performance and reliability of your Kubernetes environment.

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