OpenStack Distributions Comparison

Use this OpenStack distributions comparison checklist to see how Platform9's SaaS-based solution with guaranteed SLAs stacks up to typical OpenStack distros.

Typical OpenStack Distribution
Time to production

10 minutes: just sign up and integrate with any existing server infrastructure

Several weeks to several months, depending on distribution and your time / skills

Guaranteed OpenStack SLA

Platform9 contractually commits to the SLA of your OpenStack private cloud

None. IT / Operations owns the SLA and have access to best effort support from vendor

Integrates with Existing Environments

Yes! Supports any existing Linux (KVM) or VMware vSphere environments

No. Greenfield environments only, so you cannot reuse existing investments

Hardware Compatibility

Any hardware that can run common Linux or VMware vSphere versions

Varies. Some distributions have HCL limitations or are sold with hardware bundles

Hypervisor Support

Fully supports both KVM and VMware vSphere

Most do not support VMware vSphere

Health Monitoring

Typically, none. You are responsible for monitoring OpenStack health in case of issues


Platform9 owns the troubleshooting process. Based on alerts triggered by monitoring, Platform9 will automatically initiate troubleshooting

Typically, IT / Operations has to own the troubleshooting process and go back and forth with the vendor

Upgrades to Patches and New OpenStack Releases

Built-in, and requires “zero touch” from customers. Patches are provided as needed (per SLA) and new versions every 12 months (every 2 OpenStack releases)
See how Platform9 simplifies OpenStack upgrades

Varies, but frequency of upgrades is variable and the upgrade process is typically disruptive. Customers often tear down and rebuild their OpenStack deployments

Geographically Distributed Environments

Supported as a single pane of glass. Administrators can control availability of these regions to tenant users and instance flavors

None. Typically, these have to be managed as different silos, leading to duplication and overhead

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