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What is Fission?

Fission is an open source, Kubernetes-native serverless framework. Fission allows you to code serverless functions in any language, and have them run wherever you have a Kubernetes cluster: in the public cloud, on-premises, on your laptop, or at the Edge. Fission automatically manages the infrastructure for you. You can just focus on your code, and get the most out of Kubernetes infrastructure, without requiring any in-depth knowledge of Kubernetes at scale, no containers to build or registries to manage.

What you need to know:

  • Focus on Code, Not Plumbing:
    just write your code, Fission will make it run on Kubernetes
  • Take advantage of all of Kubernetes benefits, with none of the complexity
  • Run your “Lambda-like” service anywhere: on public, private, and hybrid clouds

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How Fission Works

How Fission Works

Functions in Fission are executed based on triggered events. Examples of configurable triggers are HTTP requests, message queues, and timers. Fission optimizes the performance of cold-start latency overhead of functions by using a pool of pre-warmed containers running on the cluster. Functions are terminated when idle, ensuring there is no compute resource consumption when code is not running.

Fission makes it easy to realize the benefits of Kubernetes applications and take advantage of the speed and cost savings of serverless anywhere – all without requiring Kubernetes expertise.

Features and Benefits

Accelerate Development: Production-ready apps in one hour

Create more complex apps simply: Workflows orchestrate multiple functions

Reduce compute costs: Functions only consume resources when running

Mitigate risk with automated Canary Deployments

Test as you type: Live Reload

Simplify Testing and Debugging: Record and replay functions to inspect function behavior

Easy metric collection and alerting: Prometheus integration

Optimize cost/performance: control CPU, memory, number of instances, autoscaling

Fission Workflows Simplify the Creation of Complex Applications

Fission Workflows enable composition of serverless functions to create an application by defining a sequence of tasks, decisions, and loops. Workflows make it easy and fast for developers to create more complex applications.

Fission Workflows

Use Cases

API Backends

Create API backends for web and mobile apps without managing servers. Just write functions, and map them to HTTP routes. Fission takes care of the rest: deployment, routing, scalability, availability. Use Kubernetes’ service discovery and networking to interoperate with other services, like Redis, Postgres, Etcd etc.

How Fission Works

Event Driven Systems

Once a specific event occurs, Fission can recognize that activity and execute a function. With event driven systems, several functions are triggered based on this event.

Event Driven Systems

Edge Data Processing and Internet of Things

Normalize data before it is stored in a central database and to pull out data points that might be of particular interest for immediate analysis or resolution.

Edge Data Processing and Internet of Things

Web application augmentation

Augment web applications and leverage new technologies without impacting the original application.

Web application augmentation

Modernizing mainframe applications

Augment other legacy applications such as mainframe applications with API gateways which can be leveraged for data transformation, converting information from newer systems into a usable form for mainframes.

Modernizing mainframe applications

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Fission: Open Source Serverless Framework for Kubernetes

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