Elastic Machine Pool Early Access Program

Elastic Machine Pool (EMP) is a new compute engine designed to revolutionize EKS resource utilization, currently in Limited Availability. We invite qualified teams to experience dramatic AWS utilization improvement and cost savings; your feedback will help shape the future of EMP.

Early Access Program available until March 31, 2024

An illustration of a set of servers and control panel computer interconnected with the Platform9 Elastic Machine Pool and the cloudAs a token of appreciation for your participation, Platform9 will waive EMP fees for the first year of usage, up to a maximum of $50,000.

Additional benefits

  • Up to $3000 in credits for using your AWS resources during the EMP POC duration.
  • Two weeks of guided POC setup, followed by assistance during onboarding to your non-POC environment with real workloads.

Sample savings calculation

Current EKS spend/annum (without EMP) Savings with EMP (35%) Platform9 fee after waiver Net savings in first year
$250,000 $87,500 $0 $87,500
$500,000 $175,000 $0 $175,000
$1,000,000 $350,000 $37,500 $312,500

Minimum infrastructure capacity required

At least 15 VMs of m5.4xlarge, or equivalent capacity, owned by a single AWS account, running in a single AWS region and availability zone.

Ready to Join?

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