Elastic Machine Pool Early Access Program

Platform9 is excited to announce the early access program for a ground-breaking innovation called Elastic Machine Pool (EMP).

EMP is a new compute engine for Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) that runs on AWS Bare Metal. Designed for DevOps/FinOps teams, EMP delivers automated EKS cluster efficiency and cost savings – powered by virtualization and live rebalancing of cloud compute resources – with no app disruptions or discussions needed with your development teams.

EKS utilization in practice is very low—typically less than 30%. This is the primary source of waste and accounts for 50% or more of your AWS compute spend.

In our initial testing of EMP in a customer environment, utilization improved from 22% to 60% and corresponding AWS infrastructure costs went down by 50%. This proved the hypothesis that under-utilization is the main cause of high compute cost.

Ready to Join?

We have limited seats, so sign up today!

Why Join the EMP Early Access Program?

We are excited to work with innovative cloud and Kubernetes experts like you to provide additional data points for EKS utilization and cost savings.

As an early access participant, you will gain access to EMP weeks ahead of the General Availability (GA) release. Get free AWS credits and a chance to work with a cutting-edge compute optimization product.

Your feedback and perspective could be invaluable in shaping the future of EMP.

What we will provide you

We will cover your AWS costs during the validation process (see requirements below).

Our team will guide you through the onboarding process, which will include the following steps:

  • Introduction to EMP and an environmental discovery session.
  • Getting your EKS cluster(s) up and running and assisting you in configuring workloads to run on EMP.
  • Troubleshooting, if needed.

We will provide you with support channels such as:

  • Dedicated Slack channel for visibility and support.
  • Status and progress updates daily.

What we need from you

We are looking for teams that manage AWS EKS production workloads and who can meet the following  requirements:
  • Using AWS EKS with at least one cluster using EC2 instances (not Fargate) with a total configuration of at least 77 vCPU or 308 GB Memory.
  • Running their clusters, which are preferably located in the United States or Europe
  • Validation can be performed for at least one week. (at least 4 hours of time commitment)

We recommend the following ideal requirements to get the most out of EMP.

  • Using multiple AWS EKS clusters (EC2 instances only) with at least 231 vCPU or 921 GB of memory.
  • Using EKS stateful workloads.
  • Autoscaling occurs during workload usage.
  • Validation can be run for 2-4 weeks.

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