Working as a Self-Service User on Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes supports self-provisioning of applications or Helm charts on Kubernetes clusters.

As a self-service user, you can deploy applications or Helm charts on Kubernetes clusters that have been created on the tenant or tenants on which you have been granted the self-service user role.

A self-service user can access qbert APIs and the Platform9 Clarity UI.

Note: Click API access on Platform9 Clarity UI to obtain the URL for qbert APIs.

As a self-service user, you can perform the following operations on Platform9 Clarity UI.

  • View Clusters
  • View namespaces
  • Add repository
  • Deploy applications from the set of available applications
  • Delete deployed applications

Access to cluster resources for a self-service user may be limited by Kubernetes Role Based Access Control (RBAC). For more privileges, a self-service user must contact the administrator. Refer to for more information on RBAC implementation in Platform9 Managed Kubernetes.

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