Platform9 VMware GA 1.1.0 Release Notes

What’s New!

Support for Cinder Block Storage

With this release, we’ve now enabled OpenStack Cinder block storage service, to add persistent storage volumes to VM instances using VMFS datastores. The Cinder block storage service enables functionality such as:

  • Creation of Independent Volumes
  • Taking volume snapshots
  • Boot VMs from volumes and attach/detach volumes to VMs

Please refer to this support article for more info on Cinder support.

Enhancements to Glance Image Catalog

From this release, users can use Glance to store vmdk-based images directly to a VMFS-backed datastore. VMDK images can be uploaded by users using the Glance API / client directly to this datastore. Snapshots will also be stored here, instead of taking up space on the gateway appliance.

Please refer to this support article for more info on Glance enhancements.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

This release also features bug-fixes and optimizations including:

  • Bug #3526 – When vCenter username or password contains a single quote (‘), double quote (“), or dollar sign (‘$’), authentication fails.
  • Bug #3560 – When deploying the Platform9 VMware Gateway appliance, assigning a static IP occasionally causes appliance deployment to fail.

Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues we are actively working on:

  • IAAS-3716: Images remain in datastore after appliance removal
  • IAAS-3704: Changing vmware datastore should move images to new datastore
  • Before upgrade, all user images in the old image library(appliance file system) including any snapshots that might have been created, need to be deleted to ensure consistency. This is required as glance is currently configured to have only one backend(vmware datastore)
  • Some of the guest OS may not be able to recognize that a new disk has been attached and may require a reboot. Users can configure their guest OS to detect changes in SCSI hosts but the configuration for the same is different for different OS. For details, see Cinder support article listed above. The disks are attached as lsiLogic scsi adapter always, whose discovery could be dependent on the guest OS. This has been tested with centos 6.6, ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 2008 R2 server

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