Platform9 VMware Beta3 Release Notes

What’s New!

In-place Platform9 appliance upgrade

Starting this release, the Platform9 VMware appliance can now be upgraded in-place. This means users no longer need to manually re-download and re-deploy the Platform9 OVA appliance across upgrades.

Support for static IP address assignment to the Platform9 appliance

The Platform9 VMware appliance can now be deployed using a static IP address, in addition to DHCP. New deployments can specify the static IP details during appliance deployment, instead of having to manually configure them post-deployment.

On-demand environment discovery

Users can now force Platform9’s environment discovery process to re-discover existing virtual machine instances and templates instead of waiting for the periodic task to run at its scheduled interval. This is useful in cases where a new instance or template is added to a vSphere cluster or datastore that’s under Platform9’s management, and it needs to show up in the Platform9 interface immediately.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

This release also features bug-fixes and optimizations including:

  • Discovery cache to improve initial discovery performance
  • Improved handling for template instance conversion and discovery
  • Improved error reporting in case of provisioning failures

Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues we are actively working on:

  • vSphere Datastore clusters are currently not supported.
  • Shared datastores will result in their capacity being double-counted
  • Bug #2928 – If a delete-instance request is sent from the Platform9 UI, and does not reach the appliance (because it may be down, or unreachable), the instance will be cleaned up within Nova’s database, but not actually removed from vCenter. As a consequence, if it is holding a static IP, it might be re-allocated by nova to another instance, resulting in duplicate IPs.
    Workaround: Delete instance from vCenter directly.
  • Bug #3037 – In some cases, the UI may display an Insufficient Permissions error even if the user permissions are actually valid. In this case, please verify that the permissions are valid according to this list – Pre-requisites For VMware vSphere Support – and proceed with authorization.
  • Bug #3046 – Instances with an IPv6 address do not get discovered correctly. Only instances with IPv4 addresses will get reported correctly to nova . Instances with an IPv6 address will not be reported, and will not show up in the discovered VMs list.

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