Platform9 VMware Beta2 Release Notes

What’s New!

Upgrade To Most Recent ‘Juno’ Release Of OpenStack

We are happy to announce that with this release, Platform9 Managed OpenStack is now on OpenStack Juno, the Tenth, and most recent release of OpenStack. The upgrade brings with it key new features as well as stability enhancements and bug fixes. We are proud to highlight that the upgrade was delivered to our customers in a 100% automated way with a downtime of 20 minutes on average.

Support for On-Premise Network Proxy

Platform9 is now compatible with any network proxy servers located in your environment and can route all communication to our management controller via the proxy server. These parameters can be specified when you deploy the gateway appliance within your vCenter.

Support for Guest Customization

Use cloud-init to perform guest customization functions like adding SSH keys, allocating static IPs, and injecting scripts. Note that this requires the VM images to have cloud-init setup on them. More details can be found in this support article.

Support for Multiple Clusters and Datastores

You can now specify multiple clusters, and datastores, to be managed from your Platform9 cloud! These can be specified as part of the new authorization workflow in the UI, which will display the available clusters and datastores on your vCenter to choose from.

Grid View Enhancements

Flexible grid view for Instances, Hosts, HostAggregate and Images offers ability to customize what columns get displayed, in what order. The view settings are saved locally so accessing Platform9 via the same browser will remember the columns to display, relative sizes and positions.

Improved Dashboard

Enhanced ‘Dashboard’ now shows aggregate usage info for all your resources (CPU, memory, and storage) along with important stats on number of VMs, images, flavors, etc. Available for both administrators as well as self-service users.

Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues we are actively working on:

  • Datastore clusters are currently not supported.
  • Issue 857: Snapshot for ‘discovered’ VM doesn’t work
  • Issue 1944: Image Library role cannot be removed. At the moment, there is no easy way to remove Image Library role from a given host and this feature has been disabled
  • Issue 2056: Flavor List when editing a tenant may show empty list: For each tenant the dialog box only shows the list of ‘private’ flavors so if you only have ‘public’ flavors the list will be empty

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