Platform9 2.5 release notes

What’s new:

1. Beta support for Virtual Machine HA, built on the OpenStack Masakari framework

With this release, we are introducing Beta availability for VM HA, which introduces High Availability features to your Virtual Machine workloads.
See our support article about the basic features introduced here.
Contact us if you would like to try out this feature in your Platform9 Managed OpenStack environment.

2. Support for live migration

Platform9 Managed OpenStack now supports live migration of VMs across hosts in setups with shared storage.
See our support article on this feature here.

3. Improved support for multiple regions at scale

With this release, Platform9 Managed OpenStack now uses Fernet tokens with Keystone, instead of PKIZ, which are better suited for large scale environments. More information on it can be found here.

4. Bug fixes and product improvements

This release also contains a number of performance optimizations and bug-fixes that should result in a better user experience for your Platform9 cloud platform!

Known Issues:

  1. WARNING: Once a host in a Neutron environment is de-authorized from Platform9, the workloads on that host will lose network  connectivity, even though the VM data itself remains untouched.


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