Customize a Windows Virtual Machine Instance with Cloudbase-init

Similar to cloud-init for Linux virtual machines, cloudbase-init can be used for Windows virtual machines.

The below cloudbase script allows you to output some data to a text file:
[code]rem cmd
rem write all files to C:/pf9-test.txt

set output_file=”C:/pf9-test.txt”

echo “Hello world from Platform9!” > %output_file%
ver >> %output_file%
time /T >> %output_file%
tree /A >> %output_file%
dir >> %output_file%[/code]

Sample cloudbase script to change the computer name:
[code]rem cmd
rem rename the computer to “my-new-hostname”
netdom renamecomputer %COMPUTERNAME% /NewName “my-new-hostname” /force[/code] More information can be found here:

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