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Installing OpenStack CLI on Windows

By Platform9

Before you can install OpenStack CLI on Windows, you must install Python 2.7 and Microsoft Visual C++ compiler for Python, on the Windows host. Download the Python 2.7 installer and the… Read More

Customize a Windows Virtual Machine Instance with Cloudbase-init

By Platform9

Similar to cloud-init for Linux virtual machines, cloudbase-init can be used for Windows virtual machines. The below cloudbase script allows you to output some data to a text file: [code]rem… Read More

Tutorial: Migrate a Windows VM from vSphere to KVM

By Platform9

In this guide, we will migrate a Windows VM from vSphere to KVM. Requirements A vSphere VM with one of the following operating systems (All 64 bit): Windows Server 2003… Read More

Create a Windows Virtual Machine Image from Scratch

By Platform9

This tutorial describes how to create and deploy Windows virtual machine images using Platform9. Platform9 currently does not support creating a new virtual machine from scratch. You need to use… Read More

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